Cheech and Chong reunite for 1st comedy tour in 25 years as feud ends

By Euphoric · Jul 31, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric

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  1. Mr Stoned
    So they finaly reunited ey? I suppose the tour will only be in America, wich is a shame, would love to see Cheech & Chong live! I hope someone will film it or if they would release a dvd of the show, that would be great! :)
  2. Panthers007
    The DEA will likely raid their shows and spy on all who attend. Or arrest them for "Terrorism" for making money off drugs (humor). I'll bet Tommy Chong has some really amusing new anecdotes on how funny it is to go to prison.

    All in all - I hope they turn this comedy-tour into a call for an insurrection against federal laws.
  3. Alfa
  4. bman1

    Swib saw chong and his wife’s act on tour when he got out. Chong was not allowed to make references about his trial or prison. If he did it would have violated his probation because it would have "glorified and profited from is wrong doing"

    They truly took away his free speech,

    Hope they make a new movie it would have to be big success in the theaters and even a bigger movie when on can watch it at home while getting high. This tour seems like it is for the money anyway So want not make even more money and hopefully one more classic movie
  5. Euphoric
    Chong did write The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint

    See this link for review and more info
  6. bman1
    Swib was refering to the Marijuana-Louges which had to be cancelled due to Chong.

    The touring show of "The Marijuana-Logues," which has been wowing stoner audiences off-Broadway for a year, has been cancelled because star Tommy Chong's parole officer was threatening to send him back to prison. Chong, half of the comedy team Cheech & Chong, spent nine months in federal prison on charges he conspired to sell bongs and remains under federal supervision for a few months more.

    The curtain came down quickly on Chong and the show. "The Marijuana-Logues" road show had only placed two cities, Vancouver and Seattle, before reports started circulating that audiences for the pot-friendly show have been lighting up, something that didn't sit to well with Chong's federal keepers. "The (parole) officer was compelled to revoke his ability to continue on the shows," said Phil Lobel, a publicist for the play, told the Associated Press. "The last thing he wants to do is go back to prison."

    The show will go on, but not until Chong gets off parole this summer. "I'm still on probation you know," Chong told the AP before the Vancouver performance. "Doing a show about weed in the United States -- when you just got out of jail for selling weed paraphernalia -- makes me a little nervous."

    After he got off parole thigns changed, Im sure he can profit, but swib would be sure he still does not want to push the govenment anymore in some ways
  7. bman1
    swib just got back fro this show. It was great to see them together again but they used old movie skits. Swib knew every line. Cheech did not really do stand up but was a better actor/preformer. one could tell he has not done stand up in years. Chongs stand up was the very simalar to the shows swibs has seen him do alone almost excatly. Chongs wife bit was word for word the last time swib saw here. But it was amazing to see them do some favorite parts of some of there best movies. They also said this would not be there last tour and will have new material next time. but to see them together was worth it.

    another bad thing is in the big city swib went to had many drugs dogs at the entrance point and in the building swib was like WTF swib had seen widespread panic there SCI and many other bands that have a bigger drug following, them being sold/used in the lot and the whole place would smell like nugs. not to mention people selling food not health inspected and beer to minors in the lot. How do they pick a show where the average age was mid 40s no drugs in the parking lot and many drug dogs? Not that there should ever be drugs but so many parties, and concerts are held yearly at this place so they know what is going on yet no dogs

    what a waste of money. why not go catch the guy robbing the 7/11 or so many crimes that go on in this city. yet many cops where there and dogs every where out side and walking the isles? cheapest tshirt $50 usd good show bad atmosphere
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