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Chemicals in cannabis 'could be used to treat crippling stomach conditions'

  1. chillinwill
    Chemicals found in cannabis could be used to treat crippling stomach conditions, scientists believe.

    They hope that some day drugs could be developed from the plant to treat diseases like Crohn’s and Colitis, which affect around 250,000 people in Britain.

    Sufferers of the conditions have problems with the linings of the intestines.

    Laboratory tests show that two compounds found in cannabis appear to help protect the lining by fighting off cells which attack it.

    One of the chemicals involved is responsible for the “high” that people get when they smoke cannabis, scientists said.

    The research was carried out by Dr Karen Wright, from Lancaster University, who will present her findings at the winter meeting of the British Pharmacological Society.

    Kate Devlin
    December 17, 2009


  1. cocoabean
    suprisingly it does, i have acid reflux and the nausea can be real bad, so when swim goes for a cig of (you know what) it destroyed the pain and other symptoms,extracting the chemical would good idea, the only problem is that chemical is probally thc, any chemical they find in the plant that wont make swim drowsy and stupid then im happy for it. i cant see it hitting shelfs anytime soon. There is a simple solution and that legalising it for medical purpose like in the states lets just hope uk follows suit.
  2. Eratosthenese
    Interesting. I would have guessed this thread had something to do with marijuana's anti nausea effects, but I've never heard that it has the ability to protect cells.
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