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Chemists cashing in on addicts in methadone scheme

  1. ZenobiaSky
    SCOTTISH chemists are making millions in taxpayers’ money for handing out methadone to drug addicts.

    A total of £19million a year has been set aside to pay chains and independent pharmacies to offer the over-the-counter heroin substitute.

    Twenty-two chemists were paid £2million between them for offering the drug, which is prescribed to wean addicts from opiates, while some pharmacy owners have taken upwards of £100,000 each for methadone services.

    Top of the earners was pharmacy chain Boots, who received £3.9million of public funds in 2012.

    Lloyds Pharmacy was also paid £3.6million for offering the service while the Co-operative Group cashed in to the tune of £739,000.

    Shops all over the country are also making money from the NHS policy to offer the drugs in store with 1,200 chemists across the land raking in £16,000 each.

    Possilpark’s Denis Houlihan’s claimed £117,000 in 2012, bringing its total earnings to almost £1million since 2007.

    Tory health spokesman Jackson Carlaw said: “The increase in payments relating to methadone is extremely concerning.

    “Instead of efforts being made to get people off drugs completely, too many are being parked on the drug for years.

    “This is of no benefit to the individual, and comes at a greater cost to the taxpayer.”

    Scotland’s methadone programme was launched 15 years ago as an attempt to wean addicts off heroin and to clamp down on organised crime gangs preying on the vulnerable.

    The treatment was originally intended to be offered a rehabilitation support mechanism, but it has now been claimed it is not effective and instead fuels a whole new addiction problem.

    Indeed the number of people receiving prescriptions has also shot up to 22,000 compared with 18,000 in 2004 and 15,800 in 2002.

    And the country now has more methadone users per head of population than every other country in Europe.

    By: Siobhan McFadyen
    Published: Mon, May 19, 2014
    Daily Express UK

    The Newhawks Crew


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    oh yes, of course it's not a benefit to the individual to get out of the danger to overdose eventually, to have the possibility to get further access to other treatment options.

    From all this money at least half a military helicopter could be bought.

    And yes, addiction can be treated like a broken leg.

    I'm not very impressed by tories repeating their same old bullshit lies ... would wanna know what they'd say if addicts would get access to REAL treatment, psychological treatment that's going down to the roots of the illness.
    What would we hear? that a bullet is cheaper than psychotherapy?

    Shame upon everybody who wants to cut budgets for the most vulnerable.

    (not discussing whether chemists charge fees too high.. I myself, in a different country, had to pay the cost of a 500ml bottle of my meds for my seven weekly portions of levomethadone, which was a tenth of the contents of such a bottle..)

  2. SpykeJones
    Wow, and I thought that Big Pharma in the US was corrupt! Methadone is a bitch to get off of. I was taking it for only a short time (not for withdrawal, but for the off label use of pain management), and when I decided to get off of it I went through some hellish withdrawal symptoms. I know that it works for dope fiends but really (at least in the states), it gets used too often as a sub for smack or other opiates. If you really want to kick the junk and you want to minimize the sickness of withdrawal, Suboxone is your best bet. Of course, that is JMO. Happy Trails!
  3. AKA_freckles

    It's kind of rude to call people 'dope fiends' after clarifying you aren't one.

    Back on topic, is the article saying the sheer number of people on methadone is the problem? That is being paid for by taxpayers?
    Have they done any research to show how much crime has been reduced by it and how much money has been saved from that?
  4. TheBigBadWolf
    yes, thats exactly what the article says.

    It's elections time in Europe and every politician tries to get some votes.
    This has nothing to do with actual numbers, if this politician would have any clue about what he is talking about he would have made the calculation himself.
    And hell, they have not even.understood that addiction is an illness which a patient should rather be treated with ORT than forced into therapies that dont suit.
    Even the therapy instead punishment idea of German judical system has failed, addicts cant be treated therapeutically just like that.

    If they could be you'd hear these hypocrites moan about how much money THAT costs...

    All propaganda.

    Pure minority bashing.

  5. dr ACE
    Its a but of an oxymoron whatever you want to call it ultimately there just substituting one drug for another if the people using the methadone are not coming of it eventually as well. Its meant to be a treatment for recovering addicts. It shouldn't be used for long terms of treatment,then it just becomes an expensive substitute for heroin
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