Chicago Bans Little Plastic Sandwich Bags

By phillylocal · Mar 6, 2008 · Updated Mar 10, 2008 · ·
  1. phillylocal

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  1. Pondlife
    Just when I thought things couldn't get any more retarded this comes along and takes the biscuit. Words fail me. I thought it was from The Onion at first.
  2. Sklander
    It's the same idea as banning baking soda to hinder crack production!

    Another bright idea by American drug policy makers.
  3. old hippie 56
    Apparently they don't like grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses. More tools to extort money out of common folk. What next, lighters, matches, etc?
  4. Nose Dive
    Yeah, wait for it. Alcohol will follow, then niccotine, then caffine, then paint and varnish, then standing up too quickly just in case you get a free head rush.
  5. radiometer
    Clearly the solution is to ban oxygen. No oxygen, no fire.
  6. saorsa.elegy
    What about all the poor elf folk who need those tiny bags.
    How foolish! Let's go after all of the grocery stores!
  7. KyleM
    Why stop there? The solution is clearly to ban human life. No life, no one to even think about using drugs.
  8. purplehaze
    Welp, I guess that settles it guys. No more dealing in chicago. Can't deal without those nifty sandwich bags. I guess it's time to get a real job and give up the life. LOL jp, im not from chicago, but this seems a little hard to believe. Maybe a Chi-town local can give us some insight on whether this ever makes it threw or not, i honestly doubt it will. And this is one of the stupidest things i've heard in a while.

    I bet this is some kind of hoax, I'm very doubtful in believing sandwich bags will be illegal in chicago, or banned w/e. I'm sure business will be booming for centurys to come with what a magnificent product these guys have produced.
  9. old hippie 56
    Remember buying stuff inside pieces of folded paper, they had a name for them, but it has slipped the memory.
  10. RunRedFox
    H is sold in stamp bags or those lil wax paper folds, hippie speaks of. Does this cop seriously think bags are the enigmatic piece to the drug problems puzzle... I mean for christ sake bags. Of course people cant do drugs without bags, its not like people don't use ciggerette celophan or simple take a bigger bag and cut off a corner. This seems like the most ineffective legislation, no wonder the cops still havent won the war on drugs.
  11. purplehaze

    Thats why i just dont buy this story, i think its just media trying to get attention, i cant fathom chicago outlawing plastic bags as a remedy for there drug problem.

    Also if I do a google for "chicago ban sandwich bags" nothing returns for a reputable source. No CNN, no major news sites. Only ones striving for visitors to click the ads.
  12. Paracelsus
  13. Senor Gribson
    swim remembers buying small amounts of anything in makeshift pouches made from plastic wrap. that, or unwrapped.
    what's next, a ban on scales? lighters? thin knives? paper? baking soda? straws?
  14. purplehaze

    Taken from which btw has a ad at the top. My local newpaper site doesn't have ads. neither do my local news team sites. This was taken from the page anyhow.

    "self-sealing plastic bags under two inches in either height or width,"

    I've never seen a sandwich that size. A cracker sandwich?

    Edit: after re-reading the original post, it too says under 2inches in size. When I think a sandwich bag, i think of the ones that have the flap at the top. The bags you could put a piece of bread in. I don't think i have a clue on which bags there talking about.
  15. truth
    does any SWIM notice how many weird things are happening in the world right now.
  16. Powder_Reality
    Lol, I can see it now: baggie dealers selling to drug dealers on the streets of Chicago.

    Baggie Dealer: "Psst!! Hey man, you need some plastic?"

    Drug Dealer: "Yeah man, I've been dry for days. How'd you get ahold of this stuff?"

    Baggie Dealer: "I've been smuggling it in from a Safeway two towns over. I cut a deal with the manager. Real quality polyethylene stuff, not that cellophane crap that's been going around."

    But seriously, I'll kill myself laughing if I see this on CNN. I wonder what genius came up with the idea that you can completely stop the drug trade by cutting off the supply of (one kind of) packaging materials. Actually, maybe this is a good thing; it will show the general public just how ridiculous the War on Drugs is getting and what their tax dollars are being wasted on.

    I think they're referring to the small plastic bags with the zippered tops, not the regular thin plastic sandwich baggies with the flap.
  17. Nose Dive
    If reciving powder of some sort my bill actually prefers a paper wrap. It's so easy to get everything off. Another question though, what about little coin bags? Will they be banned too? What about little old ladies? What will they pay their groceries from if not those penny bags?
  18. GypsySoul78
    Now that's some fucking funny shit right there. Thank's for the laugh. The one thing that hasn't been mentioned that should DEFINATELY be BANNED......ALFOIL!!!!!!!!!(NOT!!!!!!) What a fuckin joke. Swiwe sometime's buy our little 20 deal's or even sometime's the 50's come in alfoil. Not sure if this happens over there though?

    What a JOKE!
  19. phillylocal
    Yea, after reading the replies, I should have made the title a little bit more clear. However, Powder_Reality got it right when he said the little zipper top bags, not the flap top sandwich bags mom uses.

    There's so many uses for those little bags, computer screws, jewelery parts...etc etc etc...but, how often does SWIY see little baggies with Superman Stamps used for something legitimate??

    That said, I think there is a bigger message here: Law Enforcement (knows that it) is not doing a good enough job at reducing drugs on our streets that they feel the need to go after ridiculous little items like plastic baggies in a (most likely) fruitless attempt to curb illicit drug use.

    my two cents
  20. aerozeppelin123
    Hahaha nice one Powder, that made me laugh so hard :laugh:

    Yeah you can just imagine all the drug dealers in Chicago saying, "Dammit! I guess I'll have to go and get an honest job now, without those handy little bags..."

    I honestly thought this was a joke article when i first saw it. Do the police seriously think it will make the slightest difference??? Have they not heard of paper?? Or is paper going to be banned as well in case anybody wraps drugs up in it?

    The most hilarious thing I've heard in a while.
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