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Chicago police score huge heroin bust

  1. buseman
    10 kilos of Heroin, $5 Million in cash uncovered near Fullerton and Kildare
    CHICAGO - The Chicago Police Narcotics Section uncovered approximately 10 kilos of Heroin over the weekend, near the corner of Fullerton and Kildare.

    The drugs, which have an estimated street value of $1.5 million were displayed at a News Conference held by Jody P. Weis early Monday morning.

    Five million dollars in cash, wrapped in heat sealed plastic bags and grey duct tape, was also found in the residential garage.

    A man is facing charges in connection with the seizure.

    This is a very significant seizure, because customarily you will not get the proceeds and the heroin at one location at one time. said Cmdr. James O'Grady

    The drugs were found blocks away from Kelvytn Park High School, and police believe the drugs had been destined for sale on the northwest side of the city, as well as in the town of Cicero.

    The Narcotics unit were investigating the residence as part of an investigation on narcotics trafficking in the Chicago land area.

    The drugs may be linked to a Mexican drug cartel who officials indicate were using the Latin Kings street gang to distribute the drugs, reports The Breaking News Center.

    A recent study found that the Chicago area has the worst heroin problem in the U.S.


    PJ Randhawa,
    July 5, 2010


  1. dyingtomorrow
    Big deal. That is probably close to what is sold in a week around Chicago. Maybe less. Funny though, SWIM spent the better part of 4 years on Kildare.

    Just more BS news trying to show "progress" in the drug war, when there is none, has never been any, and never will be any.
  2. scimor
    Hey Dt how's Detroit treating you?
    Being from Chicago, I can attest that this seizure, while significant compared to what a typical seizure around town is, there are probably another 100 kilos within a couple miles of this house.
    SWIM would be shocked if he saw any effect whatever in supply and demand, except for maybe dealers using it as an excuse to make smaller bags, weaker product, or jack up prices on quantity.
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