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  1. 5-HT2A
    Renee Petro has already been living a parent’s worst nightmare for years: her 12-year-old son Branden suffers from a rare form of pediatric epilepsy called FIRES, which causes uncontrolled seizures that can be fatal. On Tuesday, a new nightmare began for Renee, when Florida Child Protective Services showed up at her home to investigate an anonymous tip that Renee was not administering Branden’s prescription anti-seizure medication and was instead treating him with cannabis extract.

    “I’ve never used cannabis medicine for Branden,” said Renee. “I know fully well that cannabis would help him, but because I live in an 'illegal' state we have never tried it. I have not broken any laws.”

    What Renee has done, however, is advocate loudly for reform both in Florida and across the country, organizing parents' rallies and speaking to the media, calling for broad-based medical cannabis legislation that could help her son as well as many others. Ladybud Magazine has reported on Renee’s activism numerous times.

    “I feel like our family was targeted,” said Renee, “just because I’m doing what our beautiful country is built on: freedom of speech. I’m just trying to change and better the world that we live in.”

    When the CPS investigator arrived at the family’s residence, Renee was picking up her 9-year-old daughter Rachel from school and Branden was at home with his visiting nurse. The nurse frantically called Renee to tell her that an investigator was at the door and Renee rushed home, fearing the worst.

    When Renee arrived, the CPS investigator explained that she would have to question the children in a separate room so that Renee could not influence their answers. The investigator isolated a terrified Rachel from Renee and asked the child, “Does your mother give your brother illegal drugs?” Renee said the investigator also asked Rachel other questions that did not directly pertain to Branden’s medical treatment.

    “She asked Rachel if I was 'nice' and if she felt safe – these questions were totally not what the tip was about – they were asking more about if I’m some bad person or bad mother," Renee said. "They were making me out to be a monster.”

    The investigator also tried to interview Branden, but he was in a “post-ictal” state recovering from a seizure and was non-responsive. As Branden slept in his bed, the investigator asked Renee to move his head and position him so he could be photographed as evidence.

    “I feel like our family was violated, like we were raped,” said Renee. “My daughter was terrified. She was afraid she was going to be taken away from our family.”

    Renee said that the investigator also inventoried and photographed all of Branden’s prescription medications. Terrified of losing her children and wishing to cooperate fully, Renee also shared Branden’s latest labwork, which shows the levels of the prescription drugs in his blood – levels which Renee said prove that all Branden’s pharmaceutical medications have been administered as prescribed.

    “I cooperated like I was an open book,” said Renee. “I’ve been doing it by the book all along because I don’t want to commit a crime. I don’t want to lose my children. All I want to do is change laws to get the chance to save my son’s life.”

    Renee quickly shared the story with local news media, believing the public would rally around her family as as it has in the past when stories about her activism and advocacy work have been covered by local television stations. The reporting about this incident as well as the public response has been overwhelmingly positive, said Renee.

    “The medical cannabis community has been incredibly supportive,” Renee explains. “And even people who have no idea about medical marijuana have extended their support and said what is happening is cruel. They say, ‘We’ve seen the news stories and we don’t know too much about [medical marijuana] but we see that you love your son.’ “

    Although the CPS investigation has left Renee feeling vulnerable and afraid, it has also strengthened her commitment to advocate for medical cannabis.

    “I’m not backing down,” said Renee. “In fact, this is making the tiger roar even louder and I’m going to continue fighting [for medical cannabis laws to change]. I am an activist to help him heal.”

    Renee fears that the investigation is not over, however, and she is preparing to weather more questioning and scrutiny.

    “As a strong and determined but absolutely terrified parent right now, I’m reaching out for people to help me,” said Renee. “We are going to need help legally, and I’m rallying people to support our family in this fight because I know that we’re going to need it.”

    by Vanessa Waltz

    March 28, 2014



  1. Poppi
    I am not at all surprised that some "concerned" individual--or pack of them, as the case may be--called CPS on this poor woman; I'm only surprised that CPS actually came out to investigate!

    Things must be very different in Florida than here in California, as a parent can come pretty close to murdering his own child before CPS ever makes a move--if they ever even do.

    What a pity and a crying shame that this advocate was targeted--but perhaps I don't feel as much empathy for her as I ought, in that she's setting herself up for this kind of scrutiny by the public as she is not just a medical marijuana advocate, she is also advocating the medicinal use of cannabis to help alleviate her struggling son's disorder; as a minor and unable to choose for himself, I'm certain many marijuana advocates themselves would also feel uncomfortable with her stance.

    I feel for this woman and her family, and for the violation she clearly felt at the hands of this "protective" agency's worker. I was most distressed by the thought of her having to photograph her ill son as evidence of a crime only inferred; what a shame it is that a woman so reputable in her community is cast among the lowliest of drug users for her political stance and her support of marijuana legislation change. Heavy indeed is the head who wears the crown.

    I hope nothing more serious comes of this pitiful situation, and that her family can heal quickly from this intrusion.
  2. Diverboone
    CPS does not generate statistics or the appearance for funding needs by finding healthy stable homes. When allowed into the home, their objective is not finding what's "right", their intent is to find what's "wrong".

    You are under no duty to allow CPS into your home without a Court Order (generally a warrant is needed). Often time a uniformed police officer will accompany CPS agents, you are still under no duty to allow them into your home. Nor do you have to allow them to question your children without a Court Order. It should be noted that most schools will allow CPS to interview students at school without parental notice. This can be cured by having it noted in the students file that they are not to be questioned or interview by anyone/agency for any reason other than educational needs.

    CPS Agents are trained to gain entry. They have been well versed in coercion. Once they arrive at the home to be investigated their training manual states that it is essential that they gain entry into the home.

    The Courts have continuously ruled that CPS is acting as a Government Agency and therefore are bound by the 4th Amend protections, that forced enter requires a warrant unless the necessity falls under one of the narrowly defined exceptions. CPS continues to disregard the Courts by gaining consent under duress, threats and coercion. Once they are allowed to enter, you are now subjected to their services.

    Since CPS provides no services I'm in need of I will not allow them in. I advise anyone Do Not Allow CPS Entry Without a Warrant or Upon Advice From Your Attorney. The OPs story would have had a much different ending if the above advice was followed. Many parents feel the are obligated to cooperate with CPS demands. This is not true, they are obligated to cooperate with Court Orders. Having an attorney insures that your and your children's Rights are protected and Due Process is followed.

    Do Not Allow CPS Entry Without a Warrant or Upon Advice From Your Attorney!
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