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  1. torachi
    Psilocybe cubensis, better known as cucumelo... were seized by police a few weeks ago in Las Condes... four youths were arrested. That seizure exposed the market and use of other natural hallucinogens such as salvia divinorum plants, datura, cactus known as Peyote and San Pedro, and Amanita muscaria mushrooms, among others.

    According to the Commissioner of the Narcotics Squad of the PDI, José Panozo, this market is "small compared to that of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine base and cocaine hydrochloride." Panozo added that in the past three years, only eight people have been arrested for trafficking of natural hallucinogens.

    According to the eighth Conace study on drugs, consumption of these drugs represent 0.2% of total drug use. Of this percentage, 80% are men 51% belongs to high socioeconomic status. Most consumers are between 19 and 25.


    Although the market for these drugs is small and that its sale is produced by the information with friends, the authority warns of health risks in people. María Elena Alvarado, chief of the division program of cognac, explained that "these drugs act on the central nervous system. Produce an exaggeration of sensory perceptions and can modify the notion of time and space."

    Alvarado explained that even can produce synesthesia, a condition in which "the sounds and the objects are heard, smelled and felt" she adds that "although these substances do not produce addiction, they are extremely dangerous when mixed with other drugs." Christopher, a 22 years old, said that when he drank tea floripondio (brugmansia), he experienced hallucinations he called "terrifying."



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