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By psykochamane · May 8, 2005 ·
  1. psykochamane
    2005-05-06 XINHUANET

    BEIJING, in May 6th - A Chinese high official of the health reminded on Friday that the surgical operations of the brain intended to eliminate the dependence in the drug were strictly controlled while the efficiency, the safety and the side effects of these operations had not still been proved and remained little clear.

    Qi Guoming, leader of the department of the sciences and the technologies connected with the ministry of Santépublique, indicated that these surgical practices were always under " clinical study " and not for " clinical use ".

    " It is irresponsible and immoral to lead this type of operations before experimental conclusions are obtained, that is why at the moment these operations were suspended ", explained Qi.

    The surgery of the brain to eliminate the dependence in the drug is a major field of research, and the ministry is considering to make a demand for the obtaining of a national fund of scientific studies supplied by the ministry of the Sciences and Technologies, he said.

    Qi also added that since when the ministry had imposed the regulations for the clinical studies of the surgery of the brain, no medical unity had the license to practise surgical operations in the name of a clinical study or of a service.

    This type of operations was suspended on November 2nd of the last year by the ministry because of quarrels concerning side effects not identified by the experts. The evaluations and the arguments on this subject did not stop since.

    The current information allows to assert that the short-term effects of such an operation are positive, but the long-term effects on the other hand are always little clear, and require more scientific studies, indicated the experts.

    The officials and the experts also agreed to finalize a plan and stricter regulations for the clinical studies of the surgery of the brain, and to clean the ethical principles involved in such practices. Criteria of selection of the patients and the observation of the side effects were also demanded.

    November 2nd, 2004 when the practice of these operations was suspended, approximately 500 Chinese patients had been operated, among which most brought reported positive results, on the other hand certain had abnormal symptoms, such as a lack of sexual desire.

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