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Chinese woman on trial for smuggling in banned susbstances

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Chinese woman on trial for smuggling in banned susbstances

    Surabaya (ANTARA News) - The prosecutor at the Surabaya district court has demanded seven years for a Chinese woman named Guiqing Lin for smuggling in 8,790 pills containing ketamine and caffeine worth Rp2.89 billion.

    The prosecutor, Imanel Palebangan, said at a session here on Thursday the defendant`s action was against Article 81 of Law Number 23 of 1992 on health.

    He said the woman was proven guilty of distributing pharmaceutical goods and health equipment without a license.

    "An aggravating factor is that her activity could have harmed our younger generation," he said.

    Adi said she was arrested by a customs officer at Surabaya`s Juanda airport on April 25, 2009, carrying thousands of pink-colored pills hidden in her suitcase.

    She arrived aboard a Silk Air plane from Singapore. "The pills she brought contained ketamine and caffeine . The activity is against pharmaceutical regulations in Indonesia and therefore she was prosecuted not based upon psychotropic but medical laws.

    During the session Lin expressed objections to the charges. "I did not know that the stuffs were prohibited," she said through her interpreter Hartanto.

    value approx $306,722 USD or 208,075 Euros (assuming my math is correct)


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