'Choking game' has killed at least 82 children, study finds

By Paracelsus · Feb 15, 2008 · ·
  1. Paracelsus

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  1. Hyperspaceblastoff
    wow thats really funny because my friends in middle school used to do this all the time
    and in fact i was pure pressured on several occasions to do this
    thankfully i never gave in
  2. dutch-marshal
    space monkey :p

    lol what stupid children...have they no common sense these days...
  3. BigDonJuan73
    82 deaths in 13 years is nothing, i "gasped" when i saw that stat made into a news story. media plays it up all to much.
  4. Herbal Remedy
    haha i was a dumb kid
  5. Heretic.Ape.
    I guess the kids I ran with weren't as hard core as kids these days. They would simply bend over and hyperventilate and stand up quickly, causing one to pass out and fall back onto a mattress. No actual strangulation involved. Space monkey... I like the sound of that. Sad about kids killing themselves though.
  6. Senor Gribson
    can't these kids find more exciting things to risk their lives for? swim and his friends could have taught them a thing or two.
  7. x cynic x
    Poor lil kiddies can't find no good drugs besides suffocation lol. Drugs are just a form of entertainment to Swim, too bad the youngsters can't just stick to other forms of entertainment like videogames/television/music.
  8. cra$h
    if they wanna get fucked up so bad, why dont they just jack some alcohol from their parents? stupid kids choking eachother....makes one wonder who thought of something so illogical
  9. AquafinaOrbit
    Because it is not the same type of rush. Honestly, I am surprised that a user of this form would think that Alcohol gave the same type of feeling as pretty much anything else. Anyway I myself have done this many years ago and 82 kids in 15 years considering that millions of kids have played this game is really not that bad, I would be more worried about lose of brain cells then death.

    Anyway the feeling you get is actually pretty strange, you pass out and wake up and for a few seconds are not sure where you are or why you are there. (Also feels like you were asleep for hours)
  10. mybloopwentsplat
    haha we called it chinese power hits. Get down on all fours breathe heavily, hold the last breath, stand and cross arms and have a friend bear hug u from behind. I dont recommend this.
  11. Paracelsus
    Sensation seeking is typical for teenagers. If a confused/immature teen hears about a "cool" technique that gives a "headrush," he (or more rarely, she) is likely to try it.

    I agree that although the lethality doesn't appear too high, brain damage is still a concern, especially in heavy "users." These users being teens, the damage will probably only become apparent decades later.
  12. Psych0naut
    It has been populair among teens in Japan for some while to sit on another teens chest untill they pass out and see how can stay unconsciouss the longest. Much more children dy in Japan because of it than in the US, though they probaply don't care about the Japananese statistics.
  13. fnord
    Autoerotic self asphyxiation!

    Maybe there not trying to get high and have just reaching that stage where kids mature into normal BDSM loving adults?
  14. darkglobe
    Lol fnord. Starting 'em young, eh?

    I actually did this a lot, and actually until fairly recently. Stopped doing it in '06 when I fell and hit my head on the concrete driveway below (in hindsight not the cleverest idea), and knocked myself spark out cold.
  15. fnord
    never played this as a kid,but choking has been mixed with sex on several occasions with good results.Im assuming this number is MUCH MUCH higher but alot of parents try to hide the fact there kid died while performing some perverse act/trying to get high.
  16. Psych0naut
    Oh my god fnord .. You are one bad man :laugh:
  17. AquafinaOrbit
    This is probably in part due to the fact that most American kids simply cross arms and get pushed against a wall rather then have someone sit on them. Which of course when someone passes out standing up their feet instantly drop and the person putting pressure on them should know to simply let go and catch them as they fall.
  18. umbra1010
    wow, they should have done what a normal teen does....smoke weed haha.
  19. cra$h
    you're missing the poing. its not about the type of rush, but the concept of getting a rush. its the fact that killing yourself for a short rush is completely stupid compared to something as easy as robotripping or drinking.
  20. AquafinaOrbit
    Again the odds of killing yourself are probably less then 1 in a million.(Not to mention these facts are recent and most kids won't ever know about the death rate) Also again, who said they just wanted a rush and didn't care what type of rush it was?(Judging by your high and might stance I have taken you have never done this nor seen people do it, so probably are a bit unclear on their thinking.) The effect of this last 15 seconds at most, has no hangover, and is nothing like getting drunk.
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