Christmas partygoers rely on alcohol to get into christmas spirit

By Rightnow289 · Dec 11, 2008 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    Nearly half of young people feel they have to drink to enjoy their office party, a survey suggests.

    A total of 43% of 18-24 year-olds said they needed to drink, according to the findings of Know Your Limits - a government alcohol awareness campaign.
    But 76% of those aged 45-54 polled said they would be fine without a drink at the office party, the research found.
    The YouGov survey was carried out online among 1,429 adults in England who drink alcohol.
    A total of 45% of those aged 25-34 year-old, who responded to the survey, said they would rely on alcohol during the work party but this dropped to 32% when it came to 34-44 year-old age group.

    'Good time'
    And just 13% of those aged 55 said they would need to drink during the office festivities.
    The campaign is a joint Department of Health and Home Office venture, which aims to help people understand the units in the drinks they consume.
    The survey found 28% of drinkers overall believe they would need to rely on alcohol in order to have a good time during the festive season.
    The NHS recommended daily limits of alcohol is two-three units for women and three-four units for men.
    Health expert Liz Tucker, from Know Your Limits, said: "While it may be the 'season to be merry', you should think carefully before overdoing it this Christmas.
    "Not just for the benefit of your health, but for your reputation among your friends and colleagues as well.

    'Too easy'
    "Drinking alcohol may appear to give you the confidence boost you need but those around you may see things differently. "You can all too easily become over confident, and say or do things you wouldn't do when sober."
    However campaigners say people have to be careful about how much they drink throughout the year - and not just at Christmas.
    The poll found one in five (20%) also say they need to drink alcohol to get through social occasions generally and 23% say they drink regularly at after-work gatherings.

    Drinkaware is an organisation that raises awareness about alcohol, health issues, legislation and drinking.
    Its chief executive, Chris Sorek, said: "It's all too easy to drink too much during the festive season.
    "By distributing tip cards in pubs and licensed taxis, and at rugby matches, we hope to offer practical guidance to consumers who want to have a merry - and memorable - Christmas."

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  1. ScorpioSunshine
    When Swim worked in an office, she and most of the others were in their 20s, so they found reason to party and celebrate all the time.

    Swim's company parties, especially at Christmas, would always be something off-the-wall and interesting and would involve copious amounts of alcohol. Swim and her office mates were also friends outside the office, so the parties were more or less an extensional of their social schedule, lol.

    Swim is happy to report that, in that office at least, there were no bad incidents to report. The company always provided cab rides and a ride the next day to retrieve any left vehicles. Swim's office did have one "older" lady, but she could out drink all of us youngsters! Swim is still friends with her, too! :)

    Swim doesn't drink much now, and never felt she had to at those parties; as stated before, the office mates were all friend outside the office, so it was just another party....except paid for by the company.

    Now, when swim worked at a vehicle dealership, it was quite different. Swim didn't drink at those functions, simply because the salesmen were complete pervs and would always try to fark the ladies in some supply closet or something. Those who lost their heads in alcohol would always end up embarrassed over some indiscretion. Swim kept her head about her so that she could fight off such advances, and not end up with her head hung low thinking about how she buffed the finance manager in the copy room! :laugh: But swim always enjoyed retelling the stories for those who couldn't remember. :laugh:
  2. Potter
    The idea of the "office party" seems so artificial to nobody. From past experience, they wouldn't want to spend recreational time with bosses and the like. Maybe it's nobody's pagan preferences, maybe it's their objection to working, but if nobody ever needs to pretend to have a good time with people they work with...
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