City Police Record 112 Drug Arrests In A Week

By buseman · Jun 18, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    OCEAN CITY – Ocean City police had a busy week with illegal narcotics investigations, recording well over 100 drug arrests, ranging from simple possession to larger scale distribution, marking a sign of the season in the summer resort.

    With thousands of recent graduates in the resort, along with countless other visitors, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) in the last week or so have stepped up their aggressive campaign to stop illegal drug sales and use with usual results.

    During the one-week period that ended on Tuesday, the OCPD recorded 112 controlled dangerous substance-related arrests with its aggressive buy-bust campaign in areas traditionally known for drug dealing in the resort.

    At all times of the year, but especially at this time of year, we’re being very aggressive in the pursuit and arrest of those attempting to deal drugs in Ocean City, said OCPD Public Information Officer Mike Levy. We’re being extremely vigilant about the sale and purchase of narcotics on our streets and on the Boardwalk in particular.

    Levy said the OCPD wages a year-long battle against illegal narcotics in the resort, but the efforts are stepped up during the summer season when the activity typically reaches a peak.

    It’s all in the interest in keeping Ocean City free of narcotics, he said. If you are a citizen or visitor to this town and you’re dealing drugs, you’re probably going to encounter one or more of our many undercover narcotics officers.

    For example, last Thursday, three men, one of whom had sold heroin and cocaine to an undercover officer on different occasions in the week prior, were arrested on various charges after consummating a deal with an OCPD detective in a vehicle in the 10th Street area.

    Around 3:45 p.m., the undercover officer made contact via cell phone with a dealer he had been tracking since May seeking to buy $100 worth of heroin and $50 worth of crack cocaine.

    The suspected dealer, identified as Ricky Comegys, 39, of Baltimore, told the undercover officer he was leaving Salisbury and would contact him when he got to Ocean City.

    Around 5:30 p.m., Comegys called the officer and told him he would meet in the area of 10th Street shortly. When Comegys arrived, he had two other individuals in the vehicle with him, later identified as Donya Irish Dewitt, 39, of Baltimore, and Reginald Lamar Jenkins, Jr., 29, of Salisbury.

    The undercover officer had targeted Comegys since May and had arranged similar drug buys on June 4 and June 5. Following his arrest last Thursday, Comegys was charged with possession and distribution of cocaine and heroin. Jenkins and Dewitt were both charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin.

    Last Friday, two undercover OCPD detectives working in the area of Sunset and Judlee avenues attempted to purchase narcotics from individuals in the area. The officers approached an individual, later identified as Kyle Everhart Pennington, 22, of Sykesville, and asked about purchasing white girl, which is street slang for powder cocaine.

    Pennington told the officers he had a $55 bag of cocaine to sell them and the officers told the suspect they needed to get some money to make the purchase. Pennington told the officers he would meet them at the corner of Bayshore Drive and Judlee when they had the money for the purchase.

    A short time later, the undercover officers met Pennington again and told him to get in the back of their vehicle. After the deal was completed, Pennington got out of the vehicle and was immediately taken into custody.

    On Saturday, undercover OCPD officers were working a buy-bust detail in the area of St. Louis Ave. when they approached two individuals and inquired about purchasing marijuana.

    The two suspects, later identified as Zachary R. Wittman and Kyler Killian, both 19 and both of Middletown, Pa., walked to a vehicle parked directly in front of the undercover officers’ vehicle.

    Wittman and Killian handed the agreed upon amount of pot to the undercover officers through the window of their vehicle. Two uniformed officers then arrested Killian and Wittman without incident.

    Killian was charged with possession and distribution of marijuana, while Wittman was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana. A search of their vehicle turned up an unknown quantity of weed and a digital scale.

    Last Thursday, an OCPD officer on uniformed bike patrol observed a vehicle heading south on St. Louis Ave. with a taillight flashing on and off, suggesting it had a loose wire.

    The officer pulled over the vehicle and approached the driver’s side door when he observed the driver, identified as Brendin Wessman, 25, of Berlin, and the passenger, Robert Lee Francisco, 20, of Georgetown, Del., attempting to conceal something near the passenger’s hip and front left pocket.

    The officer called for backup and a K-9 search revealed ecstasy, methadone and marijuana in amounts suggesting distribution, along with currency packaged in such a way to suggest distribution.

    June 18, 2010

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