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  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    13849614_.jpg SHAMOKIN - A city woman was arrested Saturday morning after she stopped a police officer and asked for help in getting a fix of heroin.

    Arlina Alves, 49, of 142 E. Lincoln St., flagged down Patrolman Raymond Siko II in his cruiser while he was patrolling Liberty Street at 9:30 a.m.

    Siko said Alves told him she needed a "fix," asked him for some heroin and even requested a ride to York to purchase heroin.

    After Siko pointed out that he is a police officer, Alves allegedly replied, "That's even better because you probably have some heroin at the station that you have taken off people. I only need one bag."

    After realizing she wasn't getting any heroin, Siko said Alves became combative and started cursing in the middle of the street in front of three adults and two children.

    Siko said Alves admitted drinking a couple bottles of wine the night before.

    She was cited for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

    Police initially detained Alves in a holding cell before releasing her.

    March 26, 2013


  1. SB1981
    OMG! That is unreal! Wow this is almost unbelievable. That has got to be the stupidest stunt I've ever heard of. She must have been "blasted". I'm at a loss of words here...
  2. Drugs n' Depression
    Hahaha, damn this is gold!
  3. LittleBabyNothing
    Silly, but, on other hand- imagine, how desperate she must have felt to do such stupid thing...
  4. chibi curmudgeon
    Kind of begs the question of what sort of cops she's encountered before. In a better society, she would have been taken to a methadone clinic; I doubt throwing her in a cell did anything beneficial.
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