Cleaners find drugs in hotel room

By 0utrider · Jan 22, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider

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  1. old hippie 56
    Swim knew a couple of room cleaners down around Houston, they was constantly finding drugs and money hid in the rooms. But, they never did call the cops.
  2. AquafinaOrbit
    Call the cops? Wouldn't be the first thing on my dogs mind but I guess to each their own. (Guess the maids did not agree with that saying though as they chose to try and stop others actions.)
  3. I<3Salvia
    I guess the didn't expect a tip...
  4. Purest
    Little Red Dinosaur has stayed in a multitude of hotels around the world, and has had problems with cleaners in the majority of places he has stayed in, going as far as to say to the staff on his last hotel visit not to clean the room at all during his stay purely because the previous hotel he had been at had thrown out water bottles and various other items he had left in his room for his swimming competition.

    One wonders however how on show the drugs were, as cleaners in theory will not go through drawers when people are staying in rooms, and if they were in a closed section of a backpack/suitcase then they shouldn't have gone in there in the first place.
  5. Mint boi
    Since when did the gbp become a unit for measuring the amount of a drug?
  6. Lettish
    I thought that, and £4.40 for an ecstasy pill?!
  7. Zentaurus41
    Screw that what is this church ?

    Sorry farther i repent for my sins !!

    Swim was busted for the whole cacti thing and swim only regrets getting caught. Next time swim will have a chemical/paraphernalia free house when ordering large amounts of cacti.
  8. Bajeda
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    What the pear said.
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