Climbing back on the wagon?

By DHCdiva · Nov 28, 2013 ·
  1. DHCdiva
    For months I have been away from DF.
    I had been taking pain medications Meptid, Tramadol, Dihydrocodeine and Co-codamol for various injuries to my cocyx (wrong spelling?), pelvis bone and hips, as a result of my last pregnancy/birth.
    I was taking more than twice the amount on my prescription, and getting no pain relief.

    I started to get busier at work, and I started to return to a fitness regime, and as those filled up my life I started to use less meds.

    For 3 months I have not taken any pain meds whatsoever.

    I have had a bad few weeks, mentally. The past month has been depressing - I have not wanted to leave the house at all. My self esteem has plummeted, and because I have not been exercising as often, the pains have been returning.

    A couple of days ago I returned to DF, because I feel that I need to start the meds again. I don't want it to get to the point where I am taking a ridiculous amount of medications.
    I took some Tramadol the other night, and instead of feeling sleepy or relaxed, my mind was active and I didn't sleep at all. As a result I spent almost all of the next day sleeping whilst my children were at school and husband was at work.
    Last night I was desperate to sleep, so I had some did nothing at all for pain relief or relaxation.
    Tonight I am debating whether to have some of my meptid, but I don't want to have it keeping me awake like the Tramadol did, plus I have a lot of work events tomorrow so cannot be sleepy or have a headache in the morning.

    I worry that I am starting to get back to how I used to be - munching my way through meds.

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