closet meth lab fire arrest

By snapper · Mar 12, 2007 · ·
  1. snapper
    This should be voted as DF's dumbest bust of the year award. It lends credence to the addage - this is your brain on drugs !!!
    Meth chemists like this give all drugforum SWIMs a bad name !!!!

    Chandler man goes to buy fire extinguisher after drug lab blaze
    The Associated Press

    CHANDLER - A Chandler man who started a small fire while cooking methamphetamine drove to a Wal-Mart to buy a fire extinguisher when he couldn't put out the flames, sheriff's deputies said.
    Jonathan Zaletel, 19, was greeted by Maricopa County deputies when he returned to his condominium late Tuesday, Lt. Paul Chagolla said.
    The flames had been extinguished by a sprinkler system, and arriving firefighters found a small meth lab in the closet. A toaster being used to cook the drug had caught fire, Chagolla said, and Zalatel had tried putting it out using water and window cleaner before deciding to go buy the fire extinguisher.
    Zalatel was booked on suspicion of manufacturing dangerous drugs, possession of chemicals and equipment to manufacture dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and criminal damage.

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  1. renegades
    There are a lot of stupid people out there. Just watch COPS for an hour. Tonights episode a cop seeing a busted tail light pulled the guy over. While pulling over the passenger threw out about 1/10 of gram of Meth onto the Road which the cop picked up. Why didn't just f*cking eat it?
    Another guy skip paying his tab at a bar, the cops say pay your bill and you can leave. Instead he becomes arguementative and wouldn't shut up. So he went to jail for being disorderly.
    Then a cop sees a suspicious vehicle parked in a lot. Two lesbians were in the truck. I still can't imagine why , but the cop squated down and used his flashlight to find a third lesbian. Told her to come out from under the truck searches her and finds a meth pipe on her. DUH why when your under a truck not stash the pipe in the chassis.
    Probably the best scene was the drug dog. Some dud ran from the police into a lake. So they sent the dog after him to drag him back to shore. But when the dog releazied he could no longer touch the ground panic and swim back to shore. So five cops had to take off their gun belts and waddle into the creek after the guy. If he had a meth pipe on him he could have stayed under the water hidden using his meth pipe to access the air above the water. The cops would have never found him especially with that wimpy dog. But instead the guy put up a stuggle and everyone got real wet.
    Yes COPs is quite entertaining.
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