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Clubbers face random drug tests (UK)

By Lunar Loops · Jul 10, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    There have been several of these sort of pilots in the UK. Not a great trend in terms of personal freedom. This from BBC News website:

    Clubbers face random drug tests

    A device that tests people to see if they have recently been in contact with drugs has been used by police for the first time in Oxfordshire.

    Thames Valley Police used the hi-tech testing equipment at The Bridge nightclub in Oxford at the weekend.
    About 150 clubbers had hands, mobile phones, purses and wallets swabbed and tested for a range of controlled drugs.
    Only five people tested positive, two of which admitted to using cocaine earlier, but no arrests were made.
    All five were refused entry to the club.
    Pc Leigh Thompson, of Thames Valley Police, said the night was the first of many operations to be undertaken in pubs and clubs. A spokesman for The Bridge said most clubbers "welcomed being tested and supported the initiative".


  1. meep
    I wonder if they will be picking up MDMA or Ket. I assume so but fuck me, its a bit much, what a massive waste of time and resources.
  2. Heretic.Ape.
    most clubbers "welcomed being tested and supported the initiative".

    That's hard to imagine. What a crazy world, being tested and refused entry to dance clubs for having been in contact with drugs. It is half understandable that some work places would have drug testing but clubs? must be all that operating heavy machinery.
  3. Nature Boy
    Must be a fairly lame-ass nightclub by the sounds of it. Not the kind of place SWIM would frequent methinks.
  4. cma24
    If something like this was done on a national/international scale, clubs would be shutting down all over the show and ppl wld resort to far more illegal parties [not such a bad thing!]

    I dont reckon they can roll something like this out because of the enormous impact on the industry
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