Clubbers get CSI-style drugs test

By Abrad · Apr 28, 2006 · Updated Apr 28, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
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    Clubbers get CSI-style drugs test
    Youngsters arriving at a Telford nightclub were tested with a revolutionary new drug-busting machine before they were allowed through the doors.

    The CSI-style machine, which could soon be used on a regular basis in the town, can detect the slightest trace of substances like heroin, cocaine, speed and ecstasy within seconds.

    Three hundred people were tested when the equipment was set up outside the Co Co Lounge in Oakengates last night, with 47 giving a positive reading.

    No arrests were made.

    Town councillor Stephen Reece, who had gone along for a fact-finding visit, was the first to give a positive result.

    Swabs from his hands showed a high level of heroin — and he was escorted away by police for a search.

    No drugs were found on Councillor Reece, an instructor at RAF Cosford.

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  1. jduba
    there goes the night clubs... thats unbelievable any club that lets that shit happen I want no part of. Is that no being to invasive in ones personal life by the govt? Did this take place in a communist country? WTF is happening to this world? Swim thinks it would be interesting to do the same as ppl where walking into church and see what happens...hell where both just congregating to share our beliefs and good music mine just happens to be house!
  2. Pinkavvy
    Yeah, I don't think this will catch on at many clubs; as club owners will see it as bad for business.
  3. sands of time
    Well, this does sound intrusive, but at least no one was arrested. Are they basically just asking people who test positive to leave? There is one advantage for club owners that allow this... With no drugs inside the club, owners won't have to worry about being held responsible when people are caught with drugs, or killed by drugs. Thats why this new technology may adopted on a scale greater than some of you may think.
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