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(CN AB) Forced detox aids hundreds

  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Law For Child Addicts, Families Praised

    Hundreds of Alberta families have benefited from legislation introduced by the province last summer that enables parents to force their children into mandatory detox, government stats show.

    Under the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs Act, a parent or guardian can apply to have their drug-or alcohol-addicted child placed in a protective safe house for as long as five days.

    In its first year, 395 families have used the legislation to access treatment services.

    Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission ( AADAC ) chair and Calgary-Buffalo MLA Harvey Cenaiko called the legislation an important piece of the addiction services puzzle.

    "We have connected with youth and families we may otherwise not have been able to help," Cenaiko said.

    "In fact, of the youth who were confined in the past year, 229 chose to continue with voluntary services."

    Last July, AADAC opened five 'safe houses' across the province, to which parents can send their addicted children for round-the-clock supervision -- whether the children want to go or not.

    The act applies to kids age 12 to 17.

    During the court-ordered confinement, AADAC provides detoxification services, assessment and works with the child and parents to develop a treatment plan.


  1. El Calico Loco
    They needed a special law? My parents used to force me to do things I didn't want to all the time. :)

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