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CNN's Richard Quest bust with Chrystal Meth

By merecat · Apr 21, 2008 · ·
  1. merecat

    This was initially a bit of a shock... but when you really think about it, hmmm, not so much. :D


  1. HomerK
    Lol, that's funny.
  2. ChoppedandFaded
    6 months of drug rehab and the charges are dropped? Bit of a double standard here, if you have a celebrity status, it doesn't really matter what you are caught for you get off way easier than average citizens.

    If this had happened to Joe Schmoe in the park, he would have been charged w/ possession of methamphetamine and had to do atleast a years probation and most likely never have the charge dropped.
  3. AntiAimer
    Pretty much like when Willie Nelson was caught with something like a few ounces of Psilocybin Mushrooms and a pound of Marijuana on his tour bus in 2006. Only to get off with a Misdemeanor, hmmmm.

    These cases really need to be brought up in court when someone is caught with alot less, getting some real jail time and paying massive fines.
  4. Panthers007
    As it is likely the meth was at least partially responsible for his bombastic style of "journalism," I wonder if he could sue for "restriction of trade."
  5. klaatu
    "Quest agreed to six months of drug counselling. In exchange, the charges would be dropped."

    As I don't watch CNN I haven't a clue who this guy is, but I'm assuming he's not black...

    Klaatu (colour-blind)
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