Cocaine Cowboys

By chemlove · Jan 16, 2008 · ·
  1. chemlove
    SWIM had an opportunity to watch Cocaine Cowboys last night (all the way through) and loved it. It was crazy to see the old Miami just prior to the "Scarface days". :thumbsup:

    The movie bases around John Robert's a man from New York who moved to Miami in the late 70's with about 700 $ and after networking and moving into the cocaine trade made tens of millions of dollars. Its great the movie goes into stories involving football players, trips to Columbia, gang wars, and what really excited SWIM was hearing the old stories about what the borders were like before they were congested with ever form of security available. Hearing them speak of Air drops and boat missions was well worth the time invested in the movie about 2 hours.

    I "highly" recommend this movie to anyone thats bored, interested in the topic of 70's and 80's cocaine and anyone from the Miami area that wants to learn more about the drug history of their city. :cool:

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  1. savingJenniB
    Yes those were the good old days!
    I remember when Columbian meant some kick-ass smashed golden cannabis . . . .

    not a South American gangster with a gun and baggie full of Draino.
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