Cocaine haul washes up on beach

By Terrapinzflyer · Oct 28, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Cocaine haul washes up on beach

    A multi-million pound haul of what is thought to be cocaine has been found washed ashore on the Sussex coast.

    Police said about 20kg (44lb) of drugs were found in a rucksack on the water's edge at Frenchman's Bay, Rye.

    The substance is still being analysed at a forensic laboratory in London, Det Insp Ian Williams said.

    But he said if the substance was confirmed as cocaine, the haul would be worth £1.2m in wholesale value, and about £6m in street value terms.
    A local man spotted the rucksack while walking his dog on Saturday morning.

    It is thought the bag washed ashore overnight.

    Mr Williams said: "We are glad to have removed such a large quantity of what appear to be drugs from the streets of the UK.

    "There have been no other reports of such finds or evidence of attempted importations in the area recently, but we are keen to hear from anyone who has seen any suspicious activity along the stretch of the coast near Rye in recent days."

    He said there was no evidence to suggest where in the UK the drugs may have been destined.

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  1. vibrancy3
    someone must have been in trouble 4 that amount to be ditched!
  2. Sniffin Sunshine
    damn sunshine sure wishes she was one of the lucky bastards walking her dog on the beach that just happens to spot 20 kilos on the shore.. if she did though, it would nt become a news report, cause she would have taken it strait home and definatelt NOT called the cops :)
    but yeah, whoever was shipping that must have ran into some serious trouble!
  3. Revolver
    I'm gonna get me a dog
  4. buckolfc
    bicko is gonna go the beech more often
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