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  1. akack2
    A leading consultant in emergency medicine has said that Ireland is only a quarter of the way through its cocaine epidemic.
    Dr Chris Luke also says that he expects 500 people to die from using the drug over the next decade and that cocaine presents the greatest risk to civil society.
    The link between the death of RTÉ broadcaster Gerry Ryan and his use of cocaine has brought the dangers of the drug once again to public attention.
    In the wake of the broadcaster's inquest, experts are repeating their warning about the dangers of cocaine.
    Between 2003 and 2009 the number of people who admitted to using cocaine almost doubled to 5% of the population.
    There is no official data to show if the onset of the recession has had an impact on the levels of cocaine use here, but some believe it has contributed to a fall in users.
    The habit of using cocaine with alcohol results in more complications.
    Medical professionals say the damage that cocaine causes is not always visible to users and that many do not realise its potentially fatal consequences.




  1. akack2
    Irish people generally only use cocaine to enable them to drink more and for longer , alcohol and coke dont mix too well
  2. Wanderer
    Ok, not to make the point that cocaine is by any means safe to use, on the contrary, it is quite unpredictable as the Mr. Hamster knows. Accidental deaths can and do occur, and polydrug use, especially with alcohol only increases the risk. A risk which is not entirely cocaine to blame, but can result in fights, people thinking they are sober to drive, and others.

    However, the article points out that there will be 500 deaths in 10, yes TEN, years. That's 50 deaths per year, which is roughly one death per week due to cocaine. Hardly what the hamster would call an "epidemic."

    Mr. Hamster wonders what the comparative death rates are attributable to say driving under the influence of alcohol, or stepping in front of a car by accident, or any number of causes during any given week.

    The alarmist stats just don't add up.

    Be informed, be well...
  3. BoxStar
    I could not agree more; more people die in bicycle accidents. The constant flow of government announcements about some epidemic of drugs its nazi propaganda at its best “If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth”. There are far more reports like this than actual deaths from any street drug and acetaminophen/paracetamol is the second leading cause of liver failure and death from it in the western world with hundreds of deaths in the US and thousands more cases with less severe damage each year.
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