Cocaine's brain effect revealed

By Shampoo · Feb 26, 2008 · ·
  1. Shampoo

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  1. TMM
    Good article, but isn't this sort of old news? I've been reading for ages that cocaine directly affects reward pathways and that some people have more natural susceptibility to dopamine stimulation than others. Maybe there's a subtlty to this study that I'm missing.
  2. Shampoo
    It has always been well understood that many stimulants like and including cocaine act heavily on the reward centers of the brain, something that has always been implicated in the addictive properties of a drug, but only alongside the moral and 'will' related properties of addiction. I believe the point of announcing such an empirical study directly correlating the reward center stimulation and addiction without the mention of 'will-power' and other emotional and psychological factors in addiction is to give more validity to the medical treatment of addiction rather than the alternative methods that many turn to (psychotherapy, hypnosis... etc.) Medicinal treatment of addiction is a rapidly developing market, one of the largest in the pharmaceutical and psychotherapy market, and scientific evidence over the charlatans of hypnosis is a welcome addition to the endless array of 'self-help' books and subliminal messaging sleep-tapes.
  3. EndThisDisgustingDystopia
    It dissapoints me to see another argument for anti-drug establishments arise.
  4. Shampoo
    Not only is this not a new argument, but it is not necesarily a boon to the prohibition movement.

    As we move towards a greater understanding of these substances, the controlled and responsible application of their psychoactive properties becomes increasingly realistic. Without the fear of unknown consequences, a fear that is increasingly diminished by such information as addiction treatment, the push to eradicate such substances loses validity. If we have the ability to treat the problem, through understanding its roots and applications, it seems it has become less of a problem. While this is not an opening for a discussion on drug-policy reform, as there are quite enough threads on that topic, it seems that ending prohibition of any particular substance with a reasonable ability to combat the negative consequences of addiction and abuse in said substance, as well as honing in on definitive definitions for the pharmodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and psychological manifestations of the substance, is a far sight more likely than legalizing anything less-understood.
  5. Metomni
    My penguin could not have stated this fact better.:thumbsup:

    The first step towards integration of these substances into our society has got to be education. Cocaine is a perfect example, most people think it's just a fiendish drug that drives lives into the ground. Many don't even consider the efficacious, and even medicinal, uses of the drug.

    They don't look at the drug's real effects, they just look at the outcome of people's lives who got hooked and are able to say, "Nope, evil drug!" With DXM and diphenhydramine on our Wal-Mart shelves and opiate painkillers like oxycodone at the pharmacy, why is it some drugs are made to look so much worse than others?

    There are all the obvious facts such as the racial and SES status of crack users vs. cocaine users that many people use to rationalize their arguments against cocaine. However, my penguin has always believed that once everyone is properly educated on drugs, the atmosphere surrounding them will be much different.

    In this day and age, if sex education was not undertaken, sex would be just as taboo as drugs; just some food for thought.
  6. Nose Dive
    Because the ones you can't buy on shelves in the pharmacy are enjoyable and therefore strictly un-allowed! I still have yet to understand why Ketamine, Mushrooms and Cannabis are illegal.
  7. Sippin40oz
    It quite clearly states that they do not know if these different brain structures exsisted before taking coke so the research is pretty useless.

    People always say depression is often found in weed smokers. But what it doesnt take ito account is the fact that quite a large amount of smokers probably have these problems before they start smoking!!!
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