Codeine Linctus Experiment

By tramster · Aug 18, 2010 · ·
  1. tramster
    Today swim has received 2 bottles of Codeine Linctus BP which contains pure Codeine phosphate suspended in a sugar-free lemony flavoured syrup. It contains 15mg of Codeine per 5ml of syrup.

    Swim has never tried codeine before and decided to give it a try as he wants something to take while he's taking a break from Tramadol. Swim is a bit apprehensive about using Codeine as it feels like embarking on *real* opiate using, with all the associated risks of addiction and tolerance. However,
    Swim has spoken to others and believes that Codeine is easier to control and less risky than Morphine
    and Poppy Pods. Swim is keen to experience opiate euphoria again.

    Anyway, moving is the result of the experiment:

    Swim began the experiment on an empty stomach, and had taken this morning 50mg Tramadol and 150mg Pregablin.

    13:46 Consumed 75mg (2.5 dessert spoons)
    14:45 Not feeling anything, mild itching is all.

    Swim eats a bowl of brankflakes.

    14:51 Took another 60mg (2 dessert spoons)
    14:59 Felt a slight rush and a slight heavy buzzy feeling in the arms
    but this subsided soon after and may have been placebo.

    After about 1 hour began to feel the real deal...but only mild, about
    on par with Tramadol 50mg. The effects lasted about 3-4 hours and
    then faded away.

    Conclusion: It's possible swim now has tolerance to opiates from his
    2 years of Tramadol use and needs a higher dose of Codeine. Swim is
    reluctant to take a higher dose though and will wait try with Nytol
    (Diphenhydramine Hyrochloride) which is said to act as a potentiator.

    It might even be a better and more sensible idea to take a break from Tramadol
    and try then wait to try Codeine when the brain's chemistry has been reset,
    to gage how a proper Codeine experience feels like at a normal dose.

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  1. TheBigBadWolf
    Be careful with diphenhydramine because of breath-depressant character of codeine and diphenhydramine.:thumbsdown:
  2. tramster
    Thanks for the warning!
  3. ForcedZen
    In my Kangaroo's opinion, it takes a lot of Codeine to get her where she is going. In situations where she has had a bottle like that, she has sipped on it all night long until it was gone... Where as with tramadol, it didn't take nearly as much for her. My kangaroo recommends a Hydrocodone suspension over the codeine suspension for a tramadol-esque buzz with less ingestion.
  4. kailey_elise
    ForcedZen, while many might agree with you (hydrocodone vs codeine), codeine linctus is over-the-counter in many countries, whereas hydrocodone linctus/suspension would require a doctor's prescription. ;)

    tramster, any further studies with this? There is a cross-tolerance between codeine & tramadol, so it's unsurprising that someone accustomed to taking tramadol would need a higher dose of codeine to experience euphoria. A smaller dose might be okay if one were just seeking pain relief, but more would definitely be needed for a euphoric reaction.

    I would recommend to anyone taking a syrup-based medication to use measuring spoons (instead of table/soup/dessert spoons) for more accurate measuring of the medication. An even better option would be to get an oral syringe, sometimes called a medicine syringe or baby syringe, for more accurate dosing. These are available off the shelf in most pharmacies for a nominal fee (and sometimes even for free from the pharmacist). They, obviously, don't have a needle on them, and are made especially for measuring liquid medications.

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