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Coffee smoking becoming popular among teens

  1. Rob Cypher
    Teens are getting their caffeine fix in a way never thought of before. They're smoking it.

    Coffee smoking is a dangerous new trend that's going viral among teens.

    We've heard of people eating coffee beans, but smoking them is a whole other thing.

    There are websites popping up online that will teach kids step-by-step on how to roll their own caffeine stick.

    "We're about to legalize marijuana all over the United States. I think we can live with a few bean heads."

    But the side effects can be dangerous. People have reported trouble breathing, dizziness, vomiting and even hallucinations.

    Krista Hostetler
    ABC 13 Action News (Las Vegas, Nevada)
    March 27, 2014



  1. Trying Again

    But is mj about to be legalised in the US???? Really??? I'm moving.
  2. Dimethylysergicalyblessed
    Smoking coffee sounds absolutely horrible though, even as a guzzle down my cup of java praying for extra energy. I also hate how they always group in hallucinations in their "dangerous side effects", I highly doubt visuals one would get from smoking some coffee beans would be anything similar to full blown hallucinations, hell it takes 3+ days of smoking meth with no sleep to start seeing things that'll make you want to sleep.
  3. MikePatton
    This article isn't worth the virtual paper it was written on. It does not provide any medical information what so ever about this route of administration, neither does it provide any evidence or personal experiences. This article is just a steaming pile of horse shit really.
  4. Kaden
    People will try to smoke anything.
  5. Basoodler
    I am sure that coffee smoking is only common when teenagers can't find smiles, nutmug (to snort), solvents, frion, starter fluid, krokodil or jenkem balloons...

    I am still waiting to see a good crystal Jenkem synth.. I have my aquarium, blueing and fishing wire ready! I figure that method is probably the go to
  6. Cloud9kid
  7. WraithRanma
    Hallucinations eh? Wheres my foldgers can?
  8. Name goes here
    As I sit here enjoying a large cup of dunkin donuts coffee I can't help wonder why kids thought grinds would be better inhaled then drank. I wonder how long before the dea makes me show a license for my java like they do for spray paint and cough medication.
  9. tidruid
    @Name goes here...Now I crave a couple donuts....In regards to the coffee smoking this is not very shocking at all. I remember a decade ago nutmeg was in the head lines for awhile..after kids started to try snorting it and smoking it. This is down there with smoking catnip or banana peels..
  10. babalooj
    tidruid, i wouldn't group nutmeg with smoking banana peels or catnip, as eating it certainly can get one very very high. I once stupidly binged for a month on it when i was like 13 or 14, before i got into "real" drugs. Before marijuana or alcohol even.

    Anyway, when i was about 13 me and a friend rolled a couple of coffee ground joints (in loose-leaf, lined paper no less, ughh) and smoked them after school. It definitely worked, but no better and most likely less so than just drinking the stuff. It was hell on our lungs and was definitely not worth it. Lol, though i cannot imagine actually becoming a trend, it is just not enjoyable; if any kids are stupid enough to try it, like i was, i cannot fathom why they would repeat the experience!
  11. MikePatton
    The word 'Popular' in the title of this article is just stupidly sensational and misleading, and is based on absolutely nothing. The fact that "it's a thing" doesn't instantly make it 'popular'. That would be like saying shoving meth shards in your pee-hole is 'popular', because it has been done.
  12. polio vaccine
    the kids call it "cheesing," because it's "fon" to "due"
  13. Rob Cypher
    Well, there are some folks who like that sort of sensation (either via the urethra or some other exit hole that happens to be made mostly of inner flesh), so it's not totally unpopular either. Of course, I wouldn't do it myself unless someone made a pretty big bet about it (we're talking at least $2000 here) but the fact remains that some people do really like it.

    Personally, I would've used an analogy regarding nutmeg, as it is something nobody likes at all after a couple or so 'trips' on it. Even prisoners that can't get their hands on homemade jail hooch or somebody's psych meds) only resort to nutmeg once or twice a year due to the pain and obvious organ damage it leaves behind. I did it three times (twice when I was 17 and once when I was 22) and I swear I can still feel the scars on my liver somehow.

    Pardon me, I'm a bit manic (and pedantic) today. No alcohol or benzos for 5 days now (the brokeness in my pockets is the only depressant in my system during this period) has started to make me that way, along with tremendous amounts of nervousness at times to mix in with the semi-permanent feeling of crankiness. I'm going to give in and do what I usually do in times of extreme benzo emergency - hang around a place full of old people until I find one or a few that was dropped or lost (or sometimes even given to me as if it were candy, as a reward for helping them do something physically strenuous). This sort of thing happens when your area has a high density of elderly populations; benzos and opiates be appearing in all sorts of places you wouldn't think of at first. Just remember to be honest and don't steal their pills no matter how tempting or easy it seems to get away with.

    Unless it's a 'mother-in-law' type figure who likes to call you racial/religious/ethnic slurs because she's a drunk who drank her life and body away and doesn't like the fact you're dating their daughter (or some other female relative she feels kinship for); in that case I say do what you want regardless of ethics, especially if the useless fat slug who failed her daughter throughout her childhood (when she wasn't passed out or trying to solicit her elementary-school age child to help her commit suicide via guns during particularly melancholic moments and/or bad "DT" days) is taking nothing but the strongest of opiates...that she wouldn't need if she hadn't allowed her body to collapse into a slug form the moment her daughter decided to take her in, and I mean that literally - within a year of her daughter pampering her out of sheer devotion and love, she stopped walking or even leaving the room to go to the bathroom. I know the cause wasn't dementia, because the few times I saw her actually forced to walk for various reasons I could tell she still had the ability, even with muscles atrophied from pure laziness; and when she went to a nursing home years later they actually got her doing a little exercise of various long-unused muscles (they charged a lot less for folks who actively tried to rehab/maintain themselves) until her other daughter (who she treated like crap as a kid as well and seems to think of her as a 'sodomite' because she's a lesbian) helped arrange and pay for full services with a health plan; moment that contract was inked the bitch was back to watching TV 24/7 where she could poop and eat pie at the same time with no sort of awkward self-awareness about it, while calling the president a drug-using 'Satan-worshiping' Muslim (she thought 'Allah' was just the devil wearing Godly drag to fool listeners who 'weren't ready or willing to be to close to the divine son who gave his life for you and your sins' :rolleyes:) along with sprinklings of the 'n-word' (I guess that was her idea of 'keeping the idea fresh') to her heart's content as the cherry on top of the pie ala poop, so to speak.

    LOL I haven't seen her in years (thank God), but time doesn't seem to smooth that particular scar from my mind - she still calls me 'that damn lazy [n-word]' when my GF talks to her. In fact, I've actually had to 'pretend' I wasn't with her for a month or two at a time in order for my GF to 'borrow' $10k-35k or so from her once or twice from her savings (she ain't never getting paid back hence the quote marks for the word, but I think she knows this anyway); all that really meant was that I wasn't to talk within audible range of my GF when she was on the phone with her until the check was delivered and cashed safely. It was a bit demeaning but I can hold my tongue for 10-30 minutes every few days for a month or so, especially when the reward is five figures.

    Wow, that went on a bit longer than I expected it to. Back on track: I would go to my GF first instead of scavenger hunting old folk hangouts (ie church/synagogue, bingo halls, thrift stores, matinee movie theaters...you get the gist) because she gets two different kinds of them but that is also a last resort thing, because she goes crazy if she has misses more than 5-8 doses of either one during the month and that sort of thing takes years off my life after a day or two of that behavior; to put it another way it's healthier for me to experience a couple days of 'panic attack mode' a month than for me to experience her take on extreme anxiety for more than 6 hours at once.

    Anyway, living in a state that has a high elderly population pays off when it comes to that and narcotics. Although usually I do have enough cash to get alcohol and/or pills on demand...but I screwed up my budget for the last few months thanks to relapses on one or two vices that are a costly habit to maintain after a while. And my GF is broke because she spent the last 4 months sinking in $10k into a total lemon that an (alleged) family friend sold her, only to give up and buy a decent used vehicle from an actual friend for $4k more. Work is irregular for me, which isn't helping either.

    Wow, I must be really manic. Haven't written this type of diatribe here for years; and the last time that was due to overdoing it with RC stimulants, both in pure form and mixed into a gimmicky head shop product. I started to get into 'bath salts' land at the time on top of that as well, but the madness, anxiety, and kidney pain that came with it was too much after a few months; and it was making my benzo intake triple to compensate for it. Hell with that.

    Speaking of which; I just found a klonopin when I took a break from this post (right before the previous paragraph) and went to a convience store. It was sitting between a row of hardcore magazines starring "BBWs" and a row of various 'swinger' magazines that doubled as personals for interested locals. Old people are so wacky, you gotta love them. Now I can sleep.
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