College student deals millions in LSD from dorm room

By raven3davis · Dec 11, 2007 · Updated Dec 11, 2007 · ·
  1. raven3davis
    Another big LSD bust


    LSD stockpile lands UH freshman in jail

    Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

    A University of Houston freshman was planning to sell about half a million dollars worth of LSD he had in his dorm room, Houston police said.

    Clarke Lane Denton, 18, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He was in Harris County jail in lieu of $999,999 bond.

    Denton, a chemical engineering major, was arrested Thursday after he sold LSD to undercover officers, who later found the drug in his dorm room, authorities said.

    When officers tried to arrest him, Denton fled. A janitor found him hiding in a room in one of the campus' buildings and alerted campus police.

    After the arrest, narcotics officers got Denton's consent to search his dorm room in the North Tower, where they recovered about 250,000 hits of LSD with an estimated street value of $500,000, authorities said.

    His next scheduled court appearance is Monday.

    Whats up with all the HUGE lsd busts going down recently are people opening their mouths or what?

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  1. Metomni
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    250,000 hits are worth 500,000 dollars now?

    Either way, that sucks hard, that's a lot of LSD that will no longer be roaming around the midwest. SWIM hates news like this.
  2. raven3davis
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    SWIM is suprised they quoted the street value to be so low. They could have easily stretched that out to 2.5 million dollars as SWUS knows they always tend to do.
  3. Hyperspaceblastoff
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    well they most likely caclculated 250,000 by weighing the blotters which is lsd+paper
    then dividing by .04
    u no when they sentence u they add in the weight of the medium
    so if u drop a drop of acid in a bottle of wiskey u will get a manditory minimum sentence of 10 years
    ive read dozens of articles were shit like this has gone down
  4. ticketmaster
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    Sad, another fallin soldier in this war of free minds...

  5. Sklander
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    Jeez... SWIM wonders if this person synthesized the chemical himself...
  6. N0ly
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    It looked like he was wanting to learn how to. this is going to hit hard near my friends place, pretty sure some of that would have been bound his way. It is a shame that LSD is still illegal, it can do so much good.
  7. chemlove
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    Its amazing that police get the right to just throw around what ever numbers they want when it comes to rounding the price of drugs to tell the public

    today is this amount per unit tomorrow its this much one day they just decide no we'll go here with it.

    My heart goes out to this young college man you should face crazy jail time like that as a hard working college student. my best wishes out to his family TOO!
  8. Alfa
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    Indeed. This is the first police statement about drug value ever that was about correct, instead of the usual 10 - 1000 times the actual value.
  9. moda00
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    Correct- if they accurately reported the number of hits- ie. 250,000 individual hits distributed on blotter, etc. If they included the weight of the medium- they didn't say in what form it was discovered- they could have done some crazy math. But you are right, it seems likely that they may not be too far off the mark. That's a lot of lsd to be keeping in your damn dorm room though.. Very risky. But still no reason to imprison someone and rob them of their freedoms. Very sad indeed.
  10. Sklander
    Re: Another big LSD bust

    This is going to be a big problem for the Third Coast of America... Such a sad reality.
  11. Desertfox
    [SIZE=+2]College student deals millions in LSD from dorm room

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]02:20 PM CST on Friday, December 7, 2007

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]By Jeff McShan / KHOU-TV[/SIZE]

    A freshman University of Houston student is in jail, accused of dealing millions of dollars worth of LSD from his dorm room.
    The student is 18-year-old Clarke Layne Denton. He lives in the Moody Towers, a high-rise dorm located on the main U of H campus.
    Police sources say it was from his dorm room where he was allegedly selling hundreds of thousands of hits – that's drops of liquid L.S.D.
    LSD was a drug that was prominent during the 1970s and early 80s.
    In it's liquid form it is usually added to some form of candy or mints such as SweeTarts or Altoids. Each piece is infused with a tiny drop of the hallucigent.
    HPD narcotics officers set up a meeting with the suspect Wednesday night, so they could make a buy on campus.
    He arrived on a bike, but when police say he found out the buyers were actually cops, he took off.
    A janitor found Denton hiding in a stairwell and U of H police took him into custody.
    Police said the freshman chemical engineering major is being cooperative and gave HPD consent to search his dorm room.
    About 30 minutes into the search, undercover detectives and University of Houston Police came out with more evidence.
    Denton, who has a prior drug record, was in the Harris County Jail Thursday on a $1.5 million bond.
  12. Alfa
    Millions worth of liquid LSD? So this must be measured by the millilitre then. So if Clarke Denton added a a bit of liquid for easy dosing then this would have increased the amount of 'Liquid LSD' that was confiscated substantially.

    To get something that is easily dosed, one needs to get a liquid solution that has ~50 micrograms of LSD per drop of liquid. A drop of water weighs about 50 milligrams. Alcohol is a bit lighter. So that means that the ratio between LSD and liquid is somewhat less than 1:1000.

    If you take this into account with the claim that Clarke Denton sold millions worth of LSD, then Clarke Denton actually sold thousands worth of LSD from his dorm room.

    If Clarke Denton indeed sold hundreds of thousands of drops of LSD(5 litre = 100.000 drops), then he may sold worth a million or two. thats possible, but highly unlikely. It sounds to me that the police may be boasting their accomplishments beyond the bounderies of reality.
  13. sweettea
    It's Texas, everything is bigger and better in Texas. The memo didn't reach Europe? (^_^)
  14. NeuroChi
    I realize this thread is from 2007, but I feel I have something additional to point out.

    The U of H only has 36,000 students. If he was selling hundreds of thousands of hits of LSD, every single one of these students plus many more would have to be coming to him on a daily basis. I don't think so, or else someone would have noticed a lot soon.
  15. old hippie 56
    Cops are prone to lying through the teeth in Houston also. They also said that cowboy was selling vast amounts of meth too...
  16. Alfa
    Threads merged.

    Ironically that this turns out to be untrue.
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