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Colombia willing to 'rethink war on drugs':

By sassyspy, Nov 21, 2011 | Updated: Nov 21, 2011 | |
  1. sassyspy
    Colombia willing to 'rethink war on drugs': Minister

    Interior Minister German Vargas Lleras declared in London on Friday that Colombia was willing to rethink the fight against illegal drugs.

    During a meeting of the House of Lords to address the issue of drugs, Vargas Lleras said that "Colombia is ready to participate with high interest in an overall evaluation of the successes and failures achieved in these 40 years of struggle against illegal drugs."

    The minister added that Colombia was "disposed to explore new ways [to fight the war on drugs], without any preconceptions or prejudice, keeping in mind that this debate involves every country as part of a broader international plan."

    Vargas Lleras reminded that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was willing to analyze any proposition to fight drugs with greater efficiency.

    Santos declared to British newspaper "The Observer" that if the international community thought legalizing drugs to be a solution, Santos would "welcome it," as part of an effort to "think again about the war on drugs."

    Friday, 18 November 2011 10:00 Jean Carrere


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