Colombian cartels using small, homemade submarines to smuggle drugs

By lulz · Jun 29, 2008 · ·
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  1. Orchid_Suspiria
    I think this was posted before but it is a pretty ingenious idea.And anything that fucks over the dea,the coast pigs,and all the other pigs is a good thing in my opinion.
  2. Alfa
  3. Expat98
    $100,000? Hmm, this is from another thread about these submarines:
    I thought £1,000 sounded really low for this considering all the risks involved, but $100,000 sounds really high.
  4. Alfa
    $100,000 to transport up to 10 tons of cocaine from south America to the US in a tiny vessel? The boat is not able to dive deep. It may sink or one may get arrested somewhere on this long trip. $100.000 doesn't seem like much in that perspective. Note that dollars are not worth much anymore.
  5. Panthers007
    Sounds like North Korean surplus. They must be running gambling on the side to see if people ever re-surface.
  6. Expat98
    Trust me, $100,000 is still a HUGE amount of money to the vast majority of people in Colombia. The cartels could easily find people willing to serve as the crew for much less money than that, even considering all of the risks involved and how terrible it must be to be cramped into the boat. I really doubt they are getting paid that much. Maybe $100,000 split among the entire crew.
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