Colombian Cocaine Production Fell to 11-Year Low Last Year

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Colombian Cocaine Production Fell to 11-Year Low Last Year

    May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Colombian cocaine production fell to an 11-year low in 2009, the Interior Ministry said, citing preliminary findings by a study conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

    The country produced 390 metric tons of the drug last year, down 9 percent from 430 tons in 2008, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Land dedicated to production of coca, the base ingredient of the drug, fell to 68,025 hectares last year, an 11-year low, according to the study based on satellite monitoring of fields of coca.

    Colombia is the world’s largest producer of cocaine responsible for the majority of the drug sold in the U.S.

    --Editor: Joshua Goodman,

    By Matthew Bristow
    May 12, 2010, 10:52 AM EDT


  1. KingMe
    could it be the general economic crisis? or maybe they are outsourcing production to china as well...

    would be interesting to know if it was law enforcement that caused the decline.
  2. dyingtomorrow
    It would be nice to know the reasons. Normally when something like this happens, even if randomly, the government likes to step in and say it is all because of their "tough on drugs" enforcement, and "oh, we have them on the run, the drug war is almost over." I always thought it was ridiculous how the government will go on a media frenzy about a decline in the use of some particular drug, when really it really just naturally fluctuates and there are never any real gains made.
  3. KingMe
    this reminds me, in this day and age, how would a war be won?

    Could there ever be an end to the war on drugs? Not like anyone can put a flag over the corpse of the the drug industry, so the only perspective left is to keep fighting. but i am veering off topic.
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