Colombian drug submarine.

By moldie · Mar 27, 2005 · Updated Oct 7, 2010 · ·
  1. moldie
    BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Authorities have discovered a submarine-like vessel still under construction by drug traffickers who planned to use it to smuggle cocaine, the head of Colombia's secret police said.

    Eduardo Fernandez said the fiberglass submarine was nearly complete when police found it near the Pacific Ocean, in Tumaco, 370 miles southwest of Bogota.

    "The ingenuity of drug traffickers is amazing," Fernandez told The Associated Press on Friday.

    He said the vessel would have been used to carry cocaine to speed boats offshore, which would then take the drugs to Central America or Mexico, for eventual delivery to the United States.

    The discovery came after authorities were tipped off to pieces of fiberglass and other construction material being transported to where the submarine was being built.

    Fernandez didn't provide details of its size. But Colombian authorities have caught drug traffickers using subs on a few occasions. They have been small, fiberglass vessels that travel just below the surface.

    But in 2000, police on a raid of a warehouse near Bogota were stunned to find a 100-foot-long steel submarine being built to transport up to 150 tons of cocaine

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  1. poweredbyhate

    Some people will go through a lot of trouble to get their product out
    there and make some money. Seriously, building a submarine in
    order to smuggle coke is crazy. It's a never ending battle
    between the authorities and the smugglers, and I don't think it will
    ever end.
  2. elbow
    Howard Marks mentioned the possibility of smuggling drugs with a
    submarine in his book "Mr. Nice", althopugh he says that he never tried
    it himself. The book is a great read, all about his career as a hash
    smuggler in the '70s and '80s. Everyone who is interested in crazy drug
    smuggling stories should definitely read it.
  3. joemomma
    wow I wish they didnt find that maybe prices would have come down a little
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