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Colombian Navy Seizes Over 1 Ton of Cocaine

  1. buseman
    BOGOTA – The Colombian navy seized more than one ton of cocaine over the weekend, raising the total quantity of the narcotic confiscated in the Caribbean this year to 21 tons, officials said.

    The nearly 1.25 tons of cocaine were seized Sunday aboard a boat spotted in Arboletes, a sector in the northwestern province of Antioquia, the navy said.

    The three men aboard the boat threw the bales of cocaine into the sea and managed to get away.

    The operation was carried out jointly with Colombia’s drug enforcement agency and the DAS security agency, the navy said.

    The cocaine, which has a market value of more than $28 million, apparently belonged to one of the drug gangs that operate in the area, the navy said.




  1. godztear
    That made me laugh and think of how people transporting kilo's of cocaine across the interstates and highways throw the shit out the window in police chases. The difference is, on the open water it is actually a tried and true way to get away. "Here comes the navy, toss the shit and head back for another load. You get to explain it this time..."
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