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Coloradan's Cheer As Dispensaries are Closed

  1. salgoud
    U.S. Attorney says marijuana shop closures cheered by Coloradoans

    U.S. Attorney John Walsh responds

    Read U.S. Attorney John Walsh's letter in response to letter sent by Boulder DA Stan Garnett. View attachment 25299

    Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh says his decision to send letters ordering medical-marijuana dispensaries near schools to shut down has been met with an "outpouring of thanks and appreciation" from people who live near the shuttered businesses.

    Walsh sent the letters earlier this year in the most aggressive action yet by federal prosecutors in Colorado against medical-marijuana businesses operating in compliance with state law — but in violation of federal law. His comments about the response came in a letter he sent Tuesday to Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett, who last week sent a letter to Walsh asking him to back off on the crackdown.

    In the letter to Garnett, Walsh reiterated that he decided to target dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools after seeing evidence of a rise in youth marijuana use that coincided with the boom in medical-marijuana businesses in Colorado.

    "We concluded that our responsibility — as federal law enforcement officials and also as Coloradans living in the very Colorado communities impacted by these alarming trends — required a response," Walsh wrote to Garnett.

    More than 20 dispensaries closed or moved after receiving letters from Walsh's office. Walsh told Garnett he plans to send more letters to other dispensaries until no such businesses remain in Colorado within 1,000 feet of schools.

    "This program," Walsh wrote, "is not at the direction of Washington, D.C., but at my direction as U.S. Attorney and as a Coloradan."

    Colorado law places a 1,000-foot buffer between dispensaries and schools but also allows local governments to shrink that distance or grandfather in existing businesses. Medical-marijuana advocates say there is no evidence dispensaries — near schools or otherwise — are illegally selling to kids.

    Last week, Garnett wrote to Walsh arguing that Colorado's medical-marijuana regulatory system is working and urging Walsh to leave it alone.

    "The people of Boulder County do not need Washington, D.C., or the federal government dictating how far dispensaries should be from schools, or other fine points of local land-use law," Garnett wrote.

    Reported by John Ingold on March 20, 2012

    Source: The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/breakingn...marijuana-shop-closures-cheered#ixzz1pqv54dWq


  1. chibi curmudgeon
    Do they plan to close pharmacies that are within 1000 ft of schools as well? I mean, those places sell opioids, amphetamines, benzos, etc. to anyone who just walks in and plops down the cash.....

    ...wait....no....not anyone....just those with a fucking prescription.
  2. salgoud
    Yes, you have a valid point. My pharmacy I go to it right across the street from a school. So, it only applies to MMJ dispensaries. Unfortunately, I do not for see in the immediate future, when cannabis will be sold in pharmacies. However, when this does happen, the 1000 ft rule will go out the window.

    The problem arises that one only needs to see the pot doctor once a year, then is given a card from the State of Colorado with ones picture on it.

    What chaps my ass, is they require MMJ's to have cameras surveying every inch of their establishment, one has to produce I.D. and ones MMJ card from the state. The climb in youth using cannabis is more attributed to the children's parents, growing the plant, and having cannabis around the house. Children do not get cannabis because a dispensary is 1000 ft within a school. They get it because in Colorado cannabis is everywhere, and imposing this law is just plain stupidity. Also, all dispensary worker have to have a perfectly clean background record and one cannot obtain a cannabis card from the State, if one is on probation or parole. Prior felonies are no problem to be an MMJ patient.

    Dumpster divers frequently find shag from when the trimmers come in on Saturday. That is where bags of shag are found. Why they do not have to have a lock on their dumpster is beyond me. There is another story about several people arrested for dumping bags of pot in a park in Denver. They dumped 5 bags total. This was obviously obtained via dumpster diving and was shag, the waste from the trimmings. Many people make their living by dumpster diving in Colorado. They are mainly after metal, aluminum, copper and other things to make a dollar from. However, occasionally they do run across bags of soil mixed with the waste trimmings from dispensaries.

    This is still cannabis, though lower in percentage of THC, it will still get people very stoned. The authorities always are concentrating on the entire business instead of how cannabis is actually diverted. If I have children, I am still allowed to grow six cannabis plants, three flowering and three vegetative. Also, if I have children I can possess up to two ounces of highly potent MMJ. So where are the kids getting the pot. From there parents, off course.

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