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Colorado Girl Scouts Disapproves of Pot Shop Cookie Selling Tactics

  1. been_there
    It appears that an 8 year old Colorado Girl Scout figured out that selling her cookies outside of a newly legalized medicinal marijuana clinic was a smart plan... It was.. 76 boxes in 3 hours.. But the Girl Scouts management team doesn't think so.


    “Girl Scouts of Colorado doesn’t allow girls to sell cookies outside of any adult-oriented business, whether that is a bar, strip club, casino, liquor store or marijuana dispensary,” the Girl Scouts of Colorado wrote on their Facebook page. “We recognize these are legitimate businesses, but we don’t feel they are an appropriate place for girls to be selling cookies in Colorado.”

    This is what I call a solid business plan.


  1. Rocketjones
    They should be more concerned with the GMO ingredients.
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