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  1. Rob Cypher
    An alleged meth user who'd been repeatedly searched by Denver police fired two shots at cops while handcuffed with a gun that was reportedly nestled between his butt cheeks.

    The embarrassing and dangerous moment for Denver's police was highlighted Monday when the district attorney announced no charges would be filed against a corporal for shooting the armed suspect.

    On May 14, Isaac Vigil, 32, was picked up at a McDonald’s on suspicion of using methamphetamine. He was also wanted on a nationwide felony warrant for weapons violations.

    Upon arriving at a police station for booking, he refused to get out of a patrol car and allegedly got off two shots before his gun jammed.

    He was wounded in the abdomen when Corporal John Sisneros returned fire.

    Officers had previously searched Vigil's body at least three times, according to Westword.

    During those searches, officers claimed that they recovered a knife from the waistband of Vigil's pants, a bank card in his name and a crack pipe.

    However, they missed a semi-automatic .25 caliber pistol and three bags of meth hidden in his anus, according to the report from District Attorney Mitch Morrissey to Police Chief Robert White.

    While being driven to the station, Vigil screamed “I’ve got something for you," and “You better have a vest on” from the backseat. He even allegedly said “I’m gonna shoot you," according to KDVR TV.

    Vigil has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a weapon by a previous offender, and possession of a defaced firearm, CBS Denver reports.

    Morrissey said in the letter to White that no charges will be filed against Sisneros because the shooting was justified, the Denver Channel reports.

    David Moye
    Huffington Post
    June 18, 2014



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