Replies on Comment by aemetha

  1. Pjotr777
    Why dont we act then?
  2. Pjotr777
    Need more proof?
  3. aemetha
    We do act. There's a huge amount of research that goes into combating stress and its consequential physiological effects.
  4. Cid Lysergic
    Ditto what [USER=342560]@aemetha[/USER] said. Example, week ago my bedroom floods & I awake to my PlayStation 4 being completely submerged in water. Then I had to go to a family birthday with kids ranging from 5-15 being in my personal space area REALLY close as I am playing Sonic The Hedgehog & they want to play it as well. Plus adding a stressor (the situation) with germs & my natural antisocial anxiety and Methamphetamine on top (it for sure doesn’t help the immune system that’s for sure). The fact I got sick was almost predictable. Oh well, still an alright article I suppose.