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  1. Alfa
    Source: Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)

    THE Joint Select Committee examining the report of the National
    Commission on Ganja has recommended there be no criminal charge for
    use of the drug in small quantities, by adults in private, and that
    the law be amended to reflect the changes.

    However, the committee, which had its final meeting at Gordon House on
    Tuesday, insisted that the use of marijuana in public spaces remains
    illegal, and that children especially should be discouraged from using
    the drug.

    Also, the use of marijuana as a sacrament in religious rites was not
    endorsed by the committee as both government and opposition members
    felt that such use was not in a private space and could therefore
    violate the rights of others who could be exposed to second-hand smoke.

    The committee's positions, based on the seven major recommendations
    and findings of the National Commission on Ganja, will now be sent to
    Parliament for a vote.

    Professor Barry Chevannes, who chaired the commission, had recommended
    that "the relevant laws be amended so that Ganja be decriminalised for

    the private, personal use of small quantities by adults".


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