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Company Claims Caffeine Pants Cause Weight Loss

By torachi, May 27, 2011 | |
  1. torachi
    15792.jpg Many companies market clothing that claim to have a slimming effect, but one clothing manufacturer has come out with leggings they say won’t just make you look thinner, but will help you lose weight, ABC7.com reported.

    Lytess leggings are made with fibers of caffeine and shea butter microcapsules, and its website says the slimming action is released by the friction of ordinary motion. The website also says that wearers reduced up to 1.9 inches from their hips and just over a half inch on their thighs in 21 days. They sell for $69.95.

    Dietary experts say that in this case, in order for weight loss to occur, the amount of caffeine would have to be massive. There is also no proof that the ingredients in the pants are absorbed into the body.


    A clothing manufacturer is claiming pants made with caffeine can help you lose weight.

    Lytess lines their pants with caffeine patches and shea butter. Their reasoning goes that caffeine increases people's metabolism and that can lead to weight loss.

    Dietary experts say they aren't convinced because the amount of caffeine would have to be massive. Plus, according to federal regulations, the company doesn't have to prove the compounds in weight loss patches are actually absorbed into the body.

    Here are the claims made on the company's website:

    "You've always admired those slim European Women: Discover their latest secret! Thanks to Lytess clothes, slim down discreetly, effortlessly! Here's a quick and simple way to trim your figure! Don't spend hours at the club; or use pills or terrible tasting drinks! Enjoy the massaging effect of patented Lytess garments. In clinical tests, wearers have reduced up to 1.9" from their hips and 0.6" from their thighs in just 21 days! Made of fibers imbeddeded with caffeine and shea butter microcapsules, their slimming action is released by the friction of ordinary motion. Caffeine is well known for its ability to mobilize fats. Shea butter recognized for its moisturizing and emollient properties."



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