Computer Addict Truned Addict Weed is not the Gateway drug

By D0pe · Feb 27, 2014 · ·
  1. D0pe
    I was addicted to computers, As savant !!!!

    Yea i was a baby when i started... Just a teenager who thought all drugs were bad, bad, bad and bad... I remember seeing the older kids smoke joints at the playground and i thought the stuff was the devil....

    I was addicted to computers from the age of 12 to the age of 17-18 when i first started to use pot.. I would spend 12-20 hours a day on the internet and on my computers.. The only drug i was on was Adderal and i only considered it a medication for my ADHD... So i was a computer addict and i loved spending all of my time on the internet.

    By the time i was 16 years old i was deep into hacking, cracking and programming.. Back then in the windows 95 days i could hack into almost any personal home computer that was connected to a dial up connection.. I thought it was awesome to have the power to run down and crash a Trolls computer into the ground.. I did it well and it was my addiction...

    Between Gaming, Hacking, and Chatting on the internet... It was hardly a problem like drugs would cause. But i was isolated and did not learn any work ethics, I was lazy, and i always had to be on the computer from morning to the wee hours of the morning..

    One day i decided it would be a good idea to exploit my talents at school.... I hacked into 20+ computers at the school. Getting Emails and passwords, I then sent out all kinds of dumb emails to teachers that looked like they were from other teachers.. Even the principle, I used his email to tell all the teachers that they had a Day off.. But i got caught....

    The got me into a large room with all these people sitting around the table.. A few people in Police uniforms, a Laison officer, and some people with suites and ties.. I remember them saying that i would not be punished legally for this.. But that i could not touch a computer for a entire year... ""At school""

    So i strayed away from hacking and then got back into it again after a few months.. I would hover around hacking chat rooms, IRC, ICQ and yahoo... Then i met a guy in my area that was probably 45 years old.. I think i was 16 or around that age give or take a year... I do not remember.... He said that he would meet me someplace and smoke weed with him..

    So i researched weed... Nothing bad was ever said about it but what the school system tells you. That it is doom and gloom and that it will make you a drug addict. I tried it anyways !!!

    I sat in the car with this sketchy guy and he showed me how to inhale... We smoked my first bowl out of a Snorkling mask with tin foil on the top.. Then unaware that i had any sort of buzz or was high.. I just said, Hey i gotta go....

    I quickly went upstairs and got on my computer.. I was unaware that i was high and i did not notice it untell i found myself staring at the keyboard and i was so focused in on the keys that they were 7 times bigger..

    I got up and had a bit of a panic attack, I raced to my grandmas room and was grabbing my chest.. I said grandma i do not feel well then i just stared at her.. She said what wrong ? Finally i snapped to my sences and said, Oh nothings wrong i was cleaning something and got a wiff of some bad fumes..

    I went to go sit in the living room and watch TV.. BAMMM it hit me

    I felt waves starting at my head and going down to my feet.. They were humming as if something was pulsing through me.. And i thought it was the best feeling ever !!!!

    I remember getting weed shortly after that.. My very own first bag !!!!... Score !!!

    I had this same feeling pulsing through me for the first few times, It faded away and i no longer felt that great feeling anymore.. But it still made me feel awesome... And i was instantly in love with everything about pot.....

    It changed me and i was no longer scared of other drugs after a few months..

    People say Pot is a gateway drug:

    In my opinion i think the uneducated people of the school system is what got me hooked on other drugs.. They said Pot was Horrible and bad, yet i knew my parents would smoke it every now and then, And i could smell it at houses, and when i was a kid..

    But they said it was bad.. And they would have some uneducated anit-drug preacher telling you about it.. Sticking mainly to pot..

    So i figured if they lied about pot.. Then all those other drugs will be the same thing... You can moderate it and its all in the head.. Because i could quit pot whenever i wanted to, No bad effects, No withdrawals, No addictions......

    That is what led me down this path.. uneducated people giving false information. Instilling fear into kids so they do not touch anything.. Putting the focal point on pot !!! Then when you figure out its harmless.. What happens ?

    Well you get a whole generation of drug users who are un educated.. Do you think a school would tell children that Pot has medical benefits, that you cannot over dose on it, That it might actually be safer than alcohol ?

    Of course not.... These people will push propaganda in your face !! It has nothing to do with harm reduction.. But rather the results of conservative, uneducated and snobby assholes... Yea that includes everyone who has never tried drugs, has no real knowledge of them besides the fact that they are bad... And the education these people provide for harm reduction is almost the same as putting ""Do not consume and if you do call 911"" on Mouth wash..

    Its Stupid and i am putting this in my blog right now because i remember the root of the cause of how it led me into opiate addiction..

    I can admit that they were my own choices and maybe i would of been a addict anyways..

    But i still remember the uneducated rantings of a non tolerant one sided conversation..

    Its almost like Sexual Education.. Do they show a porn of a guy putting on a condom and fucking a girl ? Do they even just show pictures or go into great detail ? Nope....

    Its because our society is coddled and to sensitive to know the real truth about stuff. We fail to talk about real issues and when we do talk about them its in a fluffy, kitten, Rainbow, unicorn farting glitter kind of way...

    OBESITY..Yea they talk about that crap all day...

    It does not take a genius to figure out what makes you fat.... They even sugar coat that topic..... I am a skinny person and i can figure that one out..

    So every time i see a warning, or a caution.. I think about or society and how conservative it is..

    This is a Rant... Maybe its a useless one and not a single person will read it or agree with me.. But damn it sure does piss me off when i think about the touchy feely and Taboo of everything that is bad...

    Hope someone reflected on this.. at the very least i am reflecting to myself......

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  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    It's a pretty good rant, for sure we are all let down by education in the ways you describe.
  2. D0pe
    Last night i posted a 2 threads, One about the theory of if i would of quit when i got my first withdrawal "That blind sided me" i would of been clean for the rest of my life..... But no one can say that for certain.

    This morning i did allot of reflection on more reasonably "this rant or blog".... I really do stand behind the idea's i put above. People should not be pushing fear into drug use.... Fear is the factor that made me not know all the facts..

    While i can say it is my own choices and i take responsibility for all my actions, reactions, and the resulting aftermath. I know it was my choice and that i knew drugs were not the best route to go..

    There is of course is a good reasons for pushing fear onto people about the subject. But i think its more harmful then it is good..

    I made a few analogies above that were meant to be a reflection of what i was saying ""Like sex education and obesity"" They have nothing to do with what i was walking about in general, But rather were examples i was using about the way we educate people on these manners.

    I hope someone reads this and finds some meaning in it.. I think its important that i reflected on this topic last night, And i hardly think its useless at all..

    Anti-Drug education should be taught by someone who knows what they are talking about, Not a gym teacher that tells you how bad everything is..

    Al that did was make me associate Weed with every other drug... They were all bad in the educational eyes.. But i think one of the reasons weed might be a gateway drug is because of the fear pushing... Just like alcohol might be a gateway drug to weed ? Who knows , All i know is that fear should not be preached... But rather manifested in the persons mind as they are getting properly educated.. That way they can make a responsible conclusion and not assume that everything they talked about was a farce..

    Alcohol and Cannabis is BAD!!!! period ........... Well why is it bad ? they give you answers for that.. They never give you a sliding scale on what is worse, They never give you proper statistics, and the surely will not tell you that its ok to consume either alcohol or weed... And like i said all this does is expose people to popular socially acceptable drugs, Then when they think back they remember that the education was that those were horrible... The conclusion would be that everything is a lie and the are preaching with fear.. Thus the likely hood of these educated people thinking it is ok to do all drugs... Because why listen to something that lies ? Almost like listening to President Clinton when he was trying to explain that he did not have sexual contact with Monica.
  3. Jessa1155
    I love this blog post on so many levels.. I'm going to share it with Mark and my sister if you don't mind. :thumbsup:
  4. Cwb20022
    I'm the complete opposite. I started using drugs at a very young age. And had absolutely no interest In Computers or electronics for that matter. Also drug education was really prevelant where I'm from. But drugs were always a problem around here.
  5. Waiting For The Fall
    Words are power, and people who like to control people have been using them to do so since ancient times. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses." The United States was begun by Puritans, and to this day, Conservative Religious Zealots, while a minority, still hold sway over the masses. We have extremely ignorant people who are members of Congress, scared shitless that their power base may erode. They have known and believed in lies all of their lives.

    It should come as no surprise that anything they believe could thwart their power or beliefs is a threat. So, they spew lies and more lies. Whether it is drugs, sex or rock 'n roll--anything that people can enjoy that is not part of their beliefs--is something to rally against. They don't care what it is. If you are enjoying it and they are not, then it is wrong. It's the fact that you are liking something that is not their belief that bugs them so much.

    You are on to the fact how warped this society is. As long as really uneducated people are the masses, the ones who can't do their own thinking, then the lies will continue. You've only scratched the surface. Our educational system is a filter through which politicians, religious leaders, and those who are the engines of business, spread their lies for their own power and profit.
  6. Early_Grayce
    I am not sure if cannabis use ever led me to take more drugs, I smoked cannabis when a teenager and later for pain, I used amphetamines when I worked 100 hour weeks and use Opioids for pain now. I do not like alcohol even though I do take a drink occasionally.
    I definitely rather opioids than any other drug and not just because they deal with part of my chronic pain.
  7. D0pe
    And of course it goes beyond the education system but is extended through todays technologies.. They try to get us to believe that something is fact based on the opinions and decisions of someone we have never met.. Im sure the standards and practices are in place to maintain some type of control..

    In the end it will usually come to Money and power. My thoughts are that at the top of this engine is a war on drugs that has failed in a miserable way. Restrictions were put in place for power and money... Granted stuff has changed in the last several decades but the grinding system is still there.. Funding prisons, Jails, institutions ,politicians, governments, and all touching entities that branch out.

    There are plenty of things that have horrible impacts on society and it will leave them to think with the masses. When you have a opinion make sure you know if it is really yours or someone elses.. Wars have been started for less...
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