Computers are the spawn of Satan

By old hippie 56 · Sep 26, 2008 · ·
  1. old hippie 56
    Just spent most of the damn day, reformatting, setting partitions, re-installing XP after a major crash last night. A great learning experience, but, still a bitch to contend with.

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  1. Micklemouse
    Computers are fine, MSWindows® is the spawn of Satan.
  2. fiveleggedrat
    Computers can be rather evil for having problems that don't point to any possible solution.

    Swim is a computer tech, and he still has problems that happen sometime that are just like "WTF?!"

    Swim has a computer where the hard disk keeps failing for unknown reasons. Now he's stuck on an old laptop because he can't afford a new harddrive, much less to lose all his old data.
  3. old hippie 56
    Still trying to find out what happen to my sound!. Inboard Intel sucks.
  4. Alfa
    I learned the hard way that when buying a pc, it's a very good idea to choose the hardware that will go into it. Never buy a ready made pc without proper review of whats in it. And even more important: never buy a pc with an all in one installation disk. Producers like packard hell and the like tend to throw in their 'special' programs. ('special' as in woodman's member title) Meaning you are stuck with their shit unless you throw away half of the hardware and buy new. When you see how 'special' this CPU sucking goodies are, the choice is easy.
  5. old hippie 56
    Thing is, it was a custom made with my specs. Asked for the Realtek sound. It went away when the PC crashed and won't reinstall. No problem with the Intel processor, Gigabyte motherboard. etc. No solution from the Realtek website or support.
  6. Alfa
    Sometimes hardware is real funny with incompatibilities. Although there must be a good explanation for why some hardware simply wont work with others, I have never found an explanation.

    I still have my old pc here, of which I have replace all hardware, except the shell and still the fucker just closes down randomly. I have given up on it years ago.
  7. schiz0phren1c
    Look on the bright least you didn't install vista :p
  8. old hippie 56
    Broke down and bought a new sound card, never use anything from Realtek again.
  9. Desertfox
    Technology is morally inert, not good or evil. its what you choose to do with them that really counts.
  10. fiveleggedrat
    It was probably the drivers for the sound card.
  11. old hippie 56
    DLed the drivers, wouldn't install.
  12. fiveleggedrat
    Ok, just wanted to toss that out. Did you try different drivers?

    Swim had problems with the soundcard on his computer. The video card, too. At first, the original drivers worked fine. After a hard drive failure and replacement, Swim had issues with both. He eventually found third party custom drivers for both parts and they worked perfectly. No idea why. And yes, original drivers were reinstalled several times from a cd to no avail.
  13. old hippie 56
    Tried drivers from Intel, Realtek, and another I can't remember. No luck, couldn't even get a support tech at Realtek to e-mail me back. Intel passed me to them.
  14. enquirewithin
    I've used Realtak onboard sound many times with success.
  15. old hippie 56
    Wouldn't hurt to get a set of drivers for them and put them on a CD.
  16. savingJenniB
    Nine comments in this blog ~ but still no one bothered to rate this blog? So I gave you a five star excellent!!!!

    And I also agree with you entirely ~ computers are the spawn of Satan ~ even found pictures to prove it!!!!
    on the internet of course!
  17. purplehaze
    @alfa, When the computer just shuts down out of the blue (assuming your on windows) it should give a error message at the next boot saying something like Windows just recovered from a serious error! Would you like to send a report. You can click technical details and it should give you a clue at which hardware is failing. Usually hardware issues have to do with the port they are put on. The newer the hardware the faster the pci or whatever port its on. Some incapabilities are due to hardware acceleration on some hardware components. Usually if you get a piece of hardware make sure the other hardware components were made around the same year as the motherboard, Upgrades can be made but could cause incompatibility issues.
    -End alfa transmission-

    Best to order hardware to build your own from a site like *cant give sites but take a guess its new easter.

    Sites like that help you become an eggxpert!? and communicating with a community about the hardware purchase that is specific for you. Shouldn't be any problems that way and plenty of questions can be asked before the purchase is made.

    If building a Linux box make sure to check your distributions supported hardware list first.

    Most newer computers come with a partition already on them for recovery and you just hit like f10 at startup and it will do it all for you.

    Programs like partition magic and Norton's partition shit as-well as tons of free partition programs can help avoid future problems by making an image of the partition(called disk cloning) while in use like with all your firefox, media files and personal junk on it. You can restore from this at a later time. Check out like Norton ghost or something for more info its really easy.

    I disagree with the original title, i think linux is the spawn of satan. There is way to much text strings to remember and i end up having to look up how to do 90% of the shit i already know how to do because i cant remember the right shit to put in the terminal. And i think that root yeah you all know sudo or super user or / yeah root is the devils playground I'm convinced, and all you tar ball distributors, fuck you. lol jk
  18. old hippie 56
  19. savingJenniB
    Really liked your link Ol'56 ~
    (could not understand PurHaze's link?)

    But I do have one question for you,
    you Bastard:

    What the fuck are penguins?
    Some kinda slang word for shit??

    Enough of this crap!
    See ya!

    Love, sJB (.)(.)
  20. old hippie 56
    penguins has something to do with Linux, some kind of trade mark. Still waiting on the (.)(.) sJB!
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