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Concern at alcohol-energy drink mix

By Hey :-), Mar 7, 2014 | | |
  1. Hey :-)
    An alcohol charity has raised concerns about an increased popularity of mixing alcohol and energy drinks.

    Drinkaware said there is a "worrying trend" of people making themselves "wide awake drunk", by mixing the depressant effects of alcohol and stimulatory effects of caffeine.

    It said that since 2006 the energy drinks market has grown 12% year-on-year in the UK, and mixing liqueurs and spirits with energy drinks had become "increasingly popular".

    Professor Paul Wallace, chief medical adviser at Drinkaware, said: " Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is a popular yet worrying trend.

    "Medical research shows that mixing caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol is associated with higher levels of alcohol consumption, a likely result of caffeine's stimulating effects increasing the appetite for alcohol.

    "It has been shown to lead to a worryingly significant increase in the risk of enduring negative physiological and psychological outcomes, like heart palpitations, agitation, tremors, irritability and tension, compared with drinking sessions without caffeinated drinks.

    "The stimulatory effects of caffeine and sedative effects of alcohol are well known, yet people can be mistaken in believing that when drunk together, the two cancel each other out. In fact, caffeine can reduce the sedative effects of acute alcohol consumption, inducing a state sometimes referred to as 'wide-awake drunk'.

    "This can put people at risk of alcohol-related injuries because the stimulatory effect of caffeine can lead them to underestimate its impact on their mind and body, giving them a false sense of security.

    "Many young people are unaware of just how risky mixing these drinks can be and regard it as a bit of harmless fun. This is far from true. That's why it's imperative that people of all ages are made aware of the dangers of mixing alcohol and caffeinated drinks. For more information on alcohol and for tips and advice on staying safe visit drinkaware.co.uk."

    Photograph google img.
    March 7 2014
    Wirral News


  1. Hey :-)
    This News Article is close to my heart as it is the mix i am currently addicted to.

    I do not drink alcohol on its own.

    Although alcohol reduces social inhibition, something i suffer from, it also makes me tired .. something i have also always suffered from.

    I honestly find this a tougher addiction to break than my previous addiction to crack cocaine. The fact that alcohol and stimulant mixers are legal and easy to obtain are probably factors. But, i do sometimes wonder, if crack cocaine was also behind the counter along with alcohol, energy mixer drinks and cigarettes, which would i be most drawn to .. I think it would be this mix.

    The caffeine content of these energy drinks used to stop me from sleeping for the night. I quickly became tolerant to this affect, i think it took weeks rather than months. I'm pretty sure other drinkers of this mix have not taken long to also manage to sleep on it.

    IMO this mix is possibly going to end up being a greater problem than alcoholism alone. I know of no-one who has been able to completely turn their back on this concoction.

    I sense this is a greater problem than has been recognized nationally.

  2. EveryIsland
    Coincidentally, I saw an article in the Metro in England today. Apparently a woman had mixed a lot of caffeine and alcohol and had 3 heart attacks. Survived, I think, but seeing this reminded me of it. I can try and find it, if I do should I post it here?
  3. EveryIsland
    Teenager suffers three heart attacks after drinking ten Jägerbombs in two hours

    Thursday 6 Mar 2014 10:39 pm

    Lucky to be alive: Jayde Dinsdale survived three cardiac arrests and spent three weeks in hospital (Picture: SWNS)

    A teenager’s heart stopped three times and she had to be put in a coma after a two-hour Jägerbomb binge.Student Jayde Dinsdale drank ten cocktails of the spirit Jägermeister and energy drink Red Bull on a two-for-one night.
    But eight hours later, the 18-year-old collapsed in the bathroom at home and her life was saved by her father Darryl, 38, performing CPR learned from TV adverts starring Vinnie Jones.
    Jayde, who spent 52 hours in a medically induced coma, is convinced the caffeine in the energy drinks was to blame and is calling for controls on their sale.
    She said: ‘I hope people will think twice about drinking energy drinks. They could be deadly.’
    The tourism and travel student said she spent two hours at a club on her night out last month. She was chatting to her mother, Natalie, as she washed her face the next morning when she collapsed.

    Her mother, 38, said: ‘Her pulse was very faint and she started to go purple. She was dead on the bathroom floor. It’s a miracle that Jayde is still with us.’
    Jayde had two more cardiac arrests after being taken to Yeovil Hospital, where she spent three weeks recovering.
    Her family believes the caffeine only kicked in once the effects of the alcohol, which slows down the heart, wore off.
    Energy drinks have previously been linked to health problems in the young, including the death of Joshua Merrick, 19, from Manchester, last year.
    Red Bull declined to comment but, in the past, has insisted a can only contains the same caffeine as a cup of coffee.
  4. EveryIsland
    I found the article I was talking about. Unfortunately, I've never posted one before and I think I've made a bit of a mess of it. I'd really appreciate some help and advice.
    As for the article itslef, it seemed relavant to this, as it shows people are thinking more about the dangers of mixing alcohol and caffeine. It only seems to have the opinion of the family though, no confirmation from a doctor that this was definitely caused by caffeine.
  5. Hey :-)
    Maybe she had an underlying problem, its not clear from the article. For me, it seems that the caffeine wears off before the alcohol.
  6. EveryIsland
    Thats what I thought. I've always heard people warn against it so you don't drink too much without realising, only to end up feeling really drunk when the caffeine wears off. Which pretty much matches up with my own experience. Also, not sure how much caffeine is in a jagerbomb, but She must have drank them very quickly and/or had an underlying heart problem. Cause isn't too clear...
  7. Hey :-)
    That's when the tide turns and you throw up/pass out.

    The intermittent fluttering heart symptoms get downplayed because of this addiction.

    It really is a nasty one.

  8. detoxin momma
    this discussion interests me alot...i tend to mix my alcohol with red bull...the last 2 times i did tho i got violent!!?? with my husband...thats very unlike me to.

    he was very drunk as well.and doing very stupid things.like trying to fight with a friend of mines boyfriend..and trying to ruin our SUV four wheeling with it...

    really made me mad and i wondered afterwards if i woulda got so mad if not for the alcohol/red bull combo...
    i know i would of got mad,but probably not so intensely...
    wont drink that again...wont say never,hate that word,but i have no intentions on drinking that combo again..

    anyways,interesting conversation
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