Concern over white heroin return

By Rightnow289 · Feb 1, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    A form of high-grade white heroin is making a comeback in the UK, despite having virtually disappeared during the 1980s and 90s, officials have said.


    Heroin hydrochloride was common in the 1970s but was replaced by more well-known "brown" heroin.
    The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) has warned of a UK resurgence in the drug smuggled in from Afghanistan.
    Soca said there have so far only been a few small seizures of white heroin, but they wanted warn of its return.

    'Seismic change'

    Soca deputy director Steve Coates said: "We're not panicking but we have noticed the re-emergence of this white heroin which virtually disappeared in the 80s and 90s."
    Mr Coates said there had been a "seismic change" in the origin of heroin supplied to the UK.
    He said: "I would estimate over 92% of heroin used in the UK and probably throughout Europe comes from Afghanistan.
    "Back in the 70s heroin in the UK was mainly Chinese and south-east Asian."
    He said there had been seizures in Afghanistan and Turkey, as well as a haul last year of £5.5m of heroin, including white heroin, concealed in straws sewn into the weave of Afghan rugs.
    Mr Coates said Soca's aim is to raise the alarm among police, drugs charities and users about the return of white heroin and its dangers.
    He added: "We've identified this as a potential threat. We're not over-egging it. We simply want to let partners know we've registered this and to keep it on the radar.
    "There's been a definitive change in the market and we can see the way this has moved on. One of our duties is to publicise that."
    Mr Coates's view that the return of white heroin should not bring panic, but awareness, was reiterated by Gary Sutton, head of drug services at drugs charity Release.
    He said the threat of cardiac arrest through taking white heroin, as depicted in the film Pulp Fiction, was possible because snorting white heroin carries a higher risk of overdose than smoking brown heroin.

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  1. RoboCodeine7610
    How is it a potential threat?White heroin is way more pure than other kinds so if anything it would actually be better for the user's health...
  2. gmeziscool2354
    It's a health concern because some users under estimate it's potency and end up od'ing on it. Same thing happened in the states years ago when diacetylmorphine hcl in very pure form begin hitting the streets of NYC in the 70's
  3. RoboCodeine7610
    oh, well that makes sense...But don't users know the difference?I mean if swim usually did brown H and all the sudden he buys something that's white he wouldn't take the same dose...It's just common sense.
  4. gmeziscool2354
    All I know is when a really potent shipment of h cones into Baltimore everyone knows because you can litterally see the effects of it on the street. Like there will be passed out people on every park bench and street corner.

    Also, with h, dose is so small it's hard to really account for difference in dose. Swim doesn't do it but it's quite abbundant arround him. I guess most junkies aren't to. Bright in regard to new batch safety
  5. RoboCodeine7610
    Is H really that popular over there?I agree with you in that most junkies aren't smart enough to test the heroin before they do it, but what I meant was that junkies would have to be retarded if they took the same dose of white since it even looks completely different...
  6. Trauma Princess
    Great thing about white coming to the UK is SWIM beleives its much harder to cut-if it tastes like smack and dissolves in cold water alone-its most likely smack. So the hideous vile dispicable and generally terrifying to any UK user bouts of deaths through brown contiminated with god knows what by the devil knows what kind of an asshole-would hopefully be eliminated. Plus we'd all have much happier veins through not shooting acid everyday. Much much happier veins. years on the white are equivalent to a month on the brown it seems to me. Oh and its not a health thing but as far as junkie convenience goes white wins hands down. No metal spoon, no citric, no lighter-bugger all prep. SWIM may know some terrible people who could shoot up driving down the freeway with nothing but a water bottle-mixing in the cap...
  7. MarkyMayhem
    SWIM gets and always has gotten white in the US.
    IT needs to be cooked to disolve entiely, it's usually still cut, just with quinine or dormin [benadryl aka diphenhydramine] also giving it a quick boil will help to kill any possible bacterial contaminants.
  8. scuzzbagz
    you will still be shooting an acid cause its the hydrochloride salt of diamorphine,rather than the citrate salt when cooked up with citric acid to make it shootable,and it'll end up probably cut more cause of the reputation of being more refined and pure,dealers dont give a shit about quality control,
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