Condo raid nets $1.3M worth of drugs

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    Condo raid nets $1.3M worth of drugs

    Police raided a luxurious lakefront condominium Monday morning, seizing a large stash of drugs and arresting three men in their 20s.

    Police say the raid, which netted $1.3 million worth of a wide variety of street drugs, is a significant bust of mid-level dealers.

    "When you take out the middle people, then the people on the ground, the street people, have to look for a new supplier, so it creates a bit of a problem for them," said lead detective, Mark Randle.

    The "high-risk" raid took place before 8 a.m. on the top-floor of 219 Fort York Blvd., known as Waterparkcity.

    At the condo, police found several kinds of drugs, including heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy, hashish and ketamine. There was also a loaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun that had been stolen as part of a gun heist in Peel Region in 2006, as well as a bullet-proof vest.

    Nathanial Tarlo, 23, David Back, 22, and Mark Szczygiel, 24, were arrested. They appeared in court Tuesday to face firearms and drug charges.

    Randle said two of the men are known to police, but he would not specify or elaborate.

    "Certainly there's people above them," Randle said of the alleged dealers, but he added that the quantity and variety of drugs is "something we haven't seen in a long time."

    He said a mix of recreational drugs, such as ecstasy and ketamine, being dealt together with crack cocaine and heroine, is unusual.

    "This is the first time I've seen such a variety as this, especially in an upscale condominium complex."

    The raid, carried out by major crime officers from 55 Division, came after only two days of investigation.

    Officers were following up on a community complaint, said Superintendent Sam Fernandes, and they were "lucky" to get a tip "in regards to ongoing drug activity" from an informant.

    Randle said the drugs were "destined for areas throughout the city," with many going to "people of means ... that you wouldn't expect to be doing drugs," such as business people and students, he said.

    The condo may have also been used to produce some of the drugs, Randle said, adding that police have yet to conclude their investigation.


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