Confessions of a lap dancer

By msmogadon · Nov 9, 2008 · ·
  1. msmogadon
    SWIM has been working at the "titty bar" now since last Thursday making that 10 days now. SWIMs first night went well as there was another Scottish girl starting that night too and SWIM did not have to pay her fee as it was her first night and she had never stripped or danced before. She made £60. :)The fee is £50 week nights and £75 weekends (fri & sat) we have to pay to the manageress 1 hour before closing time.
    As SWIYs all know SWIM is a H addict so it has been a pain in the arse having to use cover up make up to hide track marks. As she also struggles to find veins she has been going outside for a smoke in the car instead. This has been dodgy as hell for SWIM as the city centre is full of CCTV, police going past and revellers going clubbing etc..
    The 2nd night was not good. Most of the dancers are Eastern European and the were all looking at SWIM and bitching in foreign accents "high" fiving etc. SWIM had not had any dances so far by about 11:30 and she was getting worried was upset by the bitches so ended up having a massive crying hysterical fit in the toilet and went home. (They all pounce on the men as soon as they walk in the door where as SWIM is not like that. SWIM prefers to let man come in sit with drink talk to him flirt and ask if he would like to "come upstairs for some fun")
    Of course SWIM still had to pay her money for working so went in and gave back basically every penny of what she had earned the night before. :(
    Saturday was ok she made her money (£75) and had £20 to herself. SWIM has bought a g of cocaine that day so was very coked up but found this did not enhance her personality infact did the opposite and SWIM kept crashing and having to go and sort herself out in the car.
    Sunday morning SWIM was travelling over to buy methadone and was going through the traffic lights when a transit van turning right in front of her did not give way to her and she drove into it at around 35mph. The air bag came out and saved SWIMs face but she banged her knee quite badly.
    This was in a main junction in the city so police were on the scene quickly SWIMs car engine was on fire. SWIM had not had a fix yet that morning and was very strung out so was shaking and hysterically crying with shock. SWIMs methadone friend came in a taxi to see SWIM and handed her the 100mls of methadone. SWIM downed it in a 1er
    The week before SWIM had been out working at her other job as a home carer and got in about 11:30 pm. The house was in darkness and there was a note from SWIMs bf to say he was leaving to go and stay at his mum's to get clean.
    SWIM phoned bf to tell him about accident and he said "PHONE YOU LATER" SWIM couldn't believe her ears thank god methadone guy was there. Unfortunately he is an alcoholic:s SWIM and guy went and scored 2 bags of H each and drank bottle of cider on the bus. Went to SWIMs flat and hit up the bag. So that was 100mls meth, shot 0.2g H, and bottle of cider - o yea and 6 2mg diazepam tablets. Woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon with a slap in the face by ex bf. He said he had came over SWIM had stripped off naked and was lying on bed sleeping making that snoring noise that people make when they are ODing. He then said he had to go. Methadone guy was gone too.
    SWIM did not want to be alone in flat so got glammed up and went to work. :eek: SWIM does not remember much about night, if she made money or what, but walked home from town. Sat down to have a smoke got home to find keys were missing. SWIM was so exhusted she had to call a taxi to take her back to where she was sitting. (keys were there thank jesus).
    Next day SWIM woke up and left knee was twice the size of the other one. Pain all over body which she must not have felt becuase of all the methadone the day before and the shock.
    Anyhow SWIM took Monday & Tuesday night off. Went back on Wed only managed to make £30 which she had to give to club so got nothing plus walking home again. Same next night.
    Fri was the best night. There is a guy who likes SWIM as a friend and likes his cocaine. He came in and SWIM made £150 that night. (Don't forget £75 goes to the club). Last night SWIM made £100 (£75 to the club).
    So we will see what happens tonight. Tonight is fantasy night and SWIM has national dress. Tartan G-string and coller with black straps very kniky. This is what she wore on Friday so she's going to see if it does the job tonight.
    One problem SWIM has her period - what is SWIM to do. Won't it be obvious to see a tampon? oh fuck SWIM dosn't want to gross out the customers
    SWIM has a brand new hire car now until her car has been valued and is managing to find the occasional vein. :)
    SWIM will post more intimate details soon. Its just that so much has been going on its been hard for SWIM to catch her breath. SWIM is going to stick the job out for just now as even though she's not making much money she likes dressing up and enjoys the dancing. SWIM is very flexible.;) Also all that Eastern European girls will go home at xmas so there will be much £££££'s to be made then hopefully.
    Be back to blether soon, now SWIYs all know why SWIMs been so quiet of late. Thanks for the concern love all SWIYs xxxx

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  1. MiMoMo
    Absolutely delicious description of the nitty gritty 'glamour' of an exotic dancer. My sabre tooth tiger is awestruck by the fierce determination of SWI/\/\s/\/\ogadon. Having been in the cabaret biz for years, SWIM sympathizes with the performer's struggle to maintain poise against many odds. The intricate detail woven into SWIY's story is electrified with the emotional chaos of a heroin devotee and the fierce intelligence of a truly gifted child. Brilliant writing.

    At SWIM's club, the girls were responsible for a nightly house fee of only $16, a mere trifle compared to SWIY's obligation. Yet they still complained!
  2. yaba
    Dont worry, swim done worse for money !!! Not going in to it but trust swim he done some shocking things for money !!
    And good luck to you !!
    Swim doesn't see anything wrong with lap dancing.
  3. Alfa
  4. thebige
    Swim has been in a relationship with a dancer for years,swim could have her pm you with some advice about the industry if you want ...........just pm me and swim will let her pm you back as she is not part of this forum.............if you want,if not no big deal....just a offer if you are interested...........Alsthough she would tell you that rule number stay away from the drugs,even though that environment is filled with whatever one could will ruin your money making ability..........just a thought........and a offer from someone thats been there and done it,for years............stay safe........bige
  5. Burgersoft777
    "One problem SWIM has her period - what is SWIM to do. Won't it be obvious to see a tampon? oh fuck SWIM dosn't want to gross out the customers"

    Swim read that some call girls used to insert a ball of cotton wool deep inside, and carry on working as normal. I suppose that is possible if Swiy has a friend with long fingers to retrieve said cotton wool. Either that or you can get a script for a drug (Norethisterone) that delays your period (going on hols will do as a reason from doctor) troubl is three days after the script runs out your period will start as per normal, but if used sensible it can be helpful.
  6. kailey_elise
    You cut the string off the tampon and 'go fishing' later.

    You can tie a knot in the string before cutting, so it's a bit easier to get your fingernails around it.

    Also, not sure of the brands of tampons over there, but you DON'T want to use Tampax - as they soak stuff up, they lengthen. In the US, I'd recommend o.b. tampons or Playtex, as they widen as they absorb.

    Make sure to change often, as sometimes they can smell weird as you sweat!

    The other option, of course, is to take the birth control pill continuously or get the Depo Provera shot and avoid your period altogether. Though that option always led to much breakthrough bleeding for Girlie, especially when she was having sex.

  7. thebige
    Kailey i love your womanly advice.
    But swim was told that that is the general concensious among the dancers.
  8. msmogadon
    Thanks for all the kind concern
    but just wanted to point out that this was ages ago now.
    SWIM is now on a methadone script and holds down a very respectable job and earns FAR more money than she ever did doing this B.S.
    Also SWIM's getting too old for all that now even though she prob still looks younger than most of the other girls :)
  9. msmogadon
    It seems SWIM does not have permission to edit this category
  10. Cuberun
    Interesting blog. Oh and thanks kailey, cuberun feels like an expert on tampons now.
  11. kailey_elise
    Glad to hear that, MsMogadon - I thought this blog sounded kind of familiar, but I only looked at the dates of the replies. Heh.

    But I'm glad to hear, because it sounds like you were getting hosed in the cash department!

    I forgot to add to that reply that sea sponges work really well; a few companies sell them with the purpose of one's period, although I just used ones from the art store that I boiled.

    ~Kailey, who in addition to being a very well-paid peep show girl in the past, also just doesn't like tampons & their strings. Or disposable menstrual products, but knows she's 'different' in that department!
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