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    Author: Carole Morris
    Note: Spelling is as published


    Krystal*, a former St. Thomas University student, has been doing drugs
    since she was 13 years-old when she discovered 'magic' mushrooms growing on
    her neighbours lawns where she lived. Since then, she's tried more than 15
    different drugs, including marijuana, acid, ecstasy, codeine, crystal meth,
    ephedrine, hash, crack, cocaine, Ritalin and PCP.

    Despite trying a variety of drugs, her favourite is still ketamine, or
    special K as it is often called. Her first experience with this substance
    was when she moved to New Brunswick to attend university.

    Ketamine, used in veterinary medicine as a tranquilizer, separates
    perception from sensation _ creating an out-of-body experience. Although it
    usually comes in liquid form, it often is cooked into a white powder and
    then snorted.

    "Special K is my favourite drug but a lot of people hate it because it is
    so intense. I don't mind intense experiences," she said.

    However, she said the experience of having K could be overwhelming to
    someone who wasn't expecting it.

    Krystal said if ketamine was slipped into someone's drink without their
    knowledge, they would feel a "big wave burying them" and they'd probably
    panic and wouldn't be able to handle it.

    "I'm one of the odd fellows who wouldn't mind having something slipped in
    their drink," Krystal laughed while exhaling pot smoke. "I like drugs and I
    feel like I can handle the combinations. I exercise the power of my mind.
    [and] I'm around enough people that if something like that happens, they'd
    be there and I wouldn't have much to worry about."

    "I believe that you have the power in your mind to do anything. People can
    do amazing things just because their adrenaline is pumping and they have
    the determination to do what's necessary. They don't even really think,
    they just act. They are able to do great feats because of the power of
    their minds. Even if you're high, your mind can overcome that; your mind
    can sober itself up."

    "No matter what two drugs you're doing, you should be very careful because
    it's going to bring different experiences even if you've combined the two
    before," she cautioned.

    "For example, if you're going to take X (ecstasy) and drink alcohol, [you
    have to be aware that] alcohol dehydrates you naturally and ecstasy
    dehydrates you too - it raises your body temperature and you get thirsty.
    So, what are you going to do? You're going to take another swig of your
    beer, [and] that's probably not going to help you very much," Krystal

    However, she said drugs aren't for everybody but they can help deal with
    emotional problems. With her experience, she believes drugs have helped her
    deal with things counseling couldn't help with.

    "I have had some difficult life experiences and people frequently blame my
    drug use on that and think that I should get counseling." Krystal
    explained, adding that she has seen both a therapist and a psychiatrist on
    and off for approximately eight years.

    "Because of bonding with my friends and with other people on these drugs, I
    was able to talk about it and feel more comfortable [with myself]."

    "When I started doing coke with friends, as evil as that drug is, I got
    over so many issues just sitting for hours and talking and feeling like it
    was okay to talk."

    Although she said the drugs have helped her, she warns that some people
    can't handle the experiences of altered realities.

    "Drugs are not all wonderful. I've seen people very close to me go through
    a lot of rough times because they let drugs become too large a part in
    their lives. If you are going to get high make sure you get high and the
    high doesn't get you."

    * name changed to protect identity

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  1. Bojangles
    I believe drugs have helped me through some hard times. LSD is not for everyone though. I like to drop acid once every few months if possible, I swear it helps with my depression. When you get to the point where life is so dull and you can't bare I truely believe acid helps me through. As a matter of fact I think LSD is the most underrated drug out there. It has such potential when done in the right atmosphere. I know lots of people who think, ew acid...that shit f**ks you up's really bad...but honestly I dont think it is no where as dangerous as other drugs. My family has a history of mental illness' and I do suffer from severe depression, but I swear taking acid really helps me through shit. I'm not worried one day I will suddenly become schizophrenic...I am able to control and handle my acid....If only others wouldbe able to handle this shit then maybe they too could resolve some of there issues...
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