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  1. Mick Mouse
    What makes one person confident and another insecure? Lets look at this a little closer.

    Money-this makes some people think they are invincible. The idea is that the more money you have, the more secure your life is. Remember Bernie Madoff?

    Talent is another source of confidence. The brilliant comedian and actor Robin Williams certainly had talent, yet he spent much of his life fighting the demons of alcoholism and drug abuse. Until August 2014, when it became too much and he hanged himself. His talent was indisputable, and yet it could not give him the confidence he needed to deal with daily life.

    Status can give some people a sense of confidence. If they can just get that corner office, win the election, or marry into the right family, their life will be grand. But far to many marriages end in disaster, elected officials fail or fall, and marriages come apart. Remember the Kennedy's? Status is always temporary and is a poor substitute for confidence.

    What about appearance? Many think their youthfulness and good looks will never fade and their abs will be forever firm. I have one word for this......Kardashians.

    Education can provide a sense of confidence for some. If they can earn a few more letters after their name or merit a title such as Doctor, Reverend, or Your Honor, then they will be forever respected. I know a guy who has a law degree.....and works as a drycleaner.

    The ultimate source of confidence is YOU. You know everything about you. You know your strengths and weaknesses, your good sides as well as your bad. You know your talents and tendencies. Other people might inspire confidence in you, but they are really just playing to what was there all along.....it all comes from YOU.


  1. Mr Bumble
  2. Once.up.on.a.time
    Correct my friend so very true xx:vibes:
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