Confusing encounter

By Coconut · Nov 27, 2008 ·
  1. Coconut
    I usually do not use blogs to inform the world of the mundane intricacies of my life, but I felt this particular experience warranted an exception.

    So there I was, sitting in my networks lecture, not paying attention as my dozy lecturer shited on about 802.11 frames and how to crack WEP encryption. I felt I would pass the time by reading the wiki article on Salvia divinorum.

    The lecture ends and the class exits the building. The French student who sat behind me in the lecture approaches me, referring to a forum. I immediately knew what he was talking about.

    "I zaw you on zat forum."
    "You know.. zee forum? You were reading about zee salvia."
    "Oh, right, yeah."
    "Why were you reading about it?"
    "I have an interest in it."
    "Ah I zee, you are.. groweeng it, no?"
    "Ah zat is not good."
    "I prefer cannabis myself."
    "Great. I'm not going to admit breaking the law to you."

    At which point I walked off.

    Also, shoulder-surfers are cunts.

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