Connecticut mayor named in cocaine case

By klaatu · Jun 16, 2006 · ·
  1. klaatu

    Fri June 16, 2006

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Federal prosecutors inadvertently filed a court document saying the mayor of Connecticut's largest city had used cocaine, but after a newspaper reported it Friday, they took the unusual step of apologizing to the mayor and tried to have the document sealed.

    Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi was named in a summary of an FBI interview with Juan Marrero, who faces cocaine trafficking charges. Marrero said an associate had a videotape of Fabrizi using cocaine, according to the Connecticut Post, which reviewed the document.

    U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor said Friday that Fabrizi was not a target of the drug investigation. He also apologized to Fabrizi and tried to seal the documents.

    "We made a mistake here and I apologize to the mayor and anybody else named there," O'Connor said in a telephone interview. "That information should not have come out in that form and that manner."

    O'Connor said FBI reports, which summarize statements made by witnesses but are not always corroborated, are typically filed under seal.

    Fabrizi said in an interview Friday that he had made "poor choices in the past" but would not address the allegations of cocaine use.

    "I'm not going to get into specifics," he said. "On a social basis, I made some poor decisions I can't make excuses for."

    Fabrizi, a Democrat, took over as mayor in 2003 after Joseph Ganim's corruption conviction.

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  1. Powder_Reality
    Challenged By Newspaper To Random Drug Check, Fabrizi
    (09 Jul 2006) Boston Globe Connecticut
    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. --Mayor John M. Fabrizi, who tearfully confessed last month to occasional cocaine use while in office, passed a random drug test after being challenged last week by the local newspaper.

    The Connecticut Post reported Sunday that after being challenged to take the drug screening, Fabrizi immediately canceled his afternoon's appointments and accompanied the paper's managing editor to a testing center in Milford.

    The urine analysis, done overnight by a Kansas laboratory, came back negative for cocaine and four other drug categories. Fabrizi has also agreed to the newspaper's request for a future drug screening at an independent laboratory on a sample of his hair.

    Fabrizi, a Democrat and former City Council president who took office after former Mayor Joseph Ganim was convicted of corruption in 2003, confessed last month to occasional cocaine use over the years.

    He said it never affected his work, and that he has been drug free for 18 months after seeking treatment. The mayor apologized, saying he would take a random test "any time, anyplace, anywhere."

    He would not say who sold him the drugs and has said he has no plans to leave office.
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