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Conservatives seek ban on 'bath salts' drug after grisly U.S. face-eating attack

  1. Rob Cypher
    OTTAWA - The Conservative government is moving to ban a controversial street drug linked to the grisly attack in Florida in which an assailant chewed off a portion of a man's face.

    The government plans to regulate MDPV, a key ingredient in the drug known as "bath salts," Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq told a news conference Tuesday.

    "This action shows our government's commitment to protecting the health and safety of Canadians from this dangerous substance," Aglukkaq said.

    "This action helps give law enforcement the tools they need to keep our streets safe from this new and emerging drug that ruins lives and causes havoc in communities across the country."

    The drug, which resembles a harmless bath additive, has gained notoriety since the vicious May 26 attack in Miami, where police shot and killed a man who tore his victim's face apart with his teeth.

    It's not clear why 31-year-old Rudy Eugene — a man described by family as a sweet person who didn't drink much or use hard drugs — suddenly attacked Ronald Poppo, 65, alongside a busy highway, apparently without provocation.

    Surveillance video from a nearby building shows Eugene pulling Poppo from the shade, stripping and pummeling him before appearing to hunch over and then lie on top of him.

    A witness described Eugene ripping at Poppo's face with his mouth and growling at a Miami police officer, who shot and killed the attacker.

    Media reports suggest police and medical experts believe the bizarre attack was fuelled by MDPV, which police say is marketed as a form of ecstasy.

    Aglukkaq says the government intends to add the drug to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, placing it in the same category as heroin and cocaine.

    Once the changes are approved, activities such as possession, trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, importation, exportation and production would be illegal unless authorized by regulation.

    Aglukkaq said the changes would also allow law enforcement agencies to take action against suspected illegal activities involving these substances.

    Experts say the drug mimics the effects of certain stimulants, causing agitation and increased heart rate and blood pressure — as well as paranoia, hallucinations and aggressive behaviour.



  1. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    I have one comment: why is it that everyone assumes this man was on MDPV? There doesn't seem to have been any testing done to confirm this, the guy WAS confirmed to have taken acid (which at this point is just as ambiguous as bath salts, who the hell knows what he took, psychedelic tryptamine, one of the NBOMe phenethylamines, a psychedelic amphetamine, dissociative anesthetic...) which is strong enough on its own to cause bizarre behavior. I have done reading on this and have seen absolutely no indication of why it has been publicized as being a bath salt related violent act. It is fairly clear to me, and until I hear differently I find no reason to believe otherwise, that this attack is being used as a political tool in America to push through the revised version of HR 1254 and enact a blanket ban on cathinones in the US. And look at all the good that did in the UK. Nope, no weird stimulant compounds being sold over there!

    Another thing, if this man was under the influence of bath salts, then why are they saying MDPV when this compound has been illegal for 6 months? You cannot buy MDPV in a headshop to my knowledge. I am furious that a vicious attack leading to the permanent disfigurement of a human being is being used as propaganda to advance a political agenda. It makes me fucking nauseas. Stop the scare tactic bullshit DEA; I know you're all a little grey at the temples but this concept is not hard to understand: tell people the truth, keep them safe, stop creating black markets that fund cartels and terrorist organizations, and step in the 21st fucking century. Shame on you.
  2. hookedonhelping
    Im curious what sort of behavior one would portray if they thought they were taking 3 hits of LSD, but took 3 strong doses of say, 25I-NBOMe instead? What about 4? At what dose would a person begin stripping off their clothes due to overheating? If an extreme overdose occurred wouldn't you be so floored that you could hardly move? Would you be able to withstand the pain inflicted by a bullet ripping through your body and reply with a snarl?

    All I know is that whatever he was on, was probably not a stimulant as it did fuck all for his appetite.

    I know I know.. it's so hard not too tho. =)
  3. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    I agree, and I think it's important to note that both in the case of 25I-NBOMe and substituted cathinones the problem lies not in the substance itself, but in who is able to access it and how it is marketed. Outlawing these will do fuck all, the government should consider a law which states very plainly "anything having a marked effect on cognition must have contents declared and if sold in retail outlets must have FDA approval regardless of declared purpose". The biggest issue with cathinones is not that they are legal. Methylone was legal and in use for ten plus years before anyone died from it, and that person died from a methylone containing bath salt and probably had no idea what methylone was. Now it's illegal and my manticore can no longer dissolve it in saline and inject it. What a shame ;-). I have said this before and it bears repeating. This epidemic and the problems associated with it are only unique in the manner that it has manifested. Amphetamines are amphetamines and cathinones are not anything different except for issues of potency and subtle differences in how they interact with neurotransmitter systems (okay, maybe they aren't so subtle, but you get my point). People aren't ODing on meth in record numbers because when they buy meth they usually have a rough idea of what dose to use, how to administer it, and what to expect when they do. Otherwise think of what would happen.

    Good God my friend! ;-) But apparently you are unaware that the scary thing about substituted cathinone stimulants is that while they suppress appetite for the delicious things in life (cookies and twinkies and whatnot) they induce an insatiable hunger for human flesh! I believe the mechanism of this is through agonism of the newly discovered "bath salt receptor" sites in the hunger center of your brain (BS receptor if you will). When these receptors are activated, your frontal lobe becomes an open door to the spirit world, allowing your body to become a tool for the ghosts of Hannibal Lector type cannibals of the past. And I base this information on the same thing that those that attributed this behavior to bath salts based their information on.

    How can a concerned parent tell if their child is succumbing to such an effect? A telltale sign is fava beans disappearing from their kitchen.
  4. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    For the sake of accuracy I want to report that I have heard a test was performed that indicated use of some chemical derivative of cathinone, probably not MDPV. My manticore however has experienced essentially all of the commonly available cathinones and never once harmed anyone under the influence. And he has mixed them with hallucinogens of various types. "Food" for thought (God that joke was in poor "taste". Hahahah)
  5. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    Vindicated! So apparently only traces of marijuana were found. Interesting... I wish I could delete my last post but it is a testament to word of mouth being notoriously unreliable.
  6. usually0
    A report on this story was read on the radio station 97.7 hitz fm in the Niagra region in Canada.

    The person who ate the man's face was tested for drugs in his system and they found that he was using marijuana at the time, not MDPV or any other drug.

    Edit: Didn't realize that the guy above me said the same thing. I guess I just confirmed what he said.
  7. nattydread
    i don't think he was necessarily under the influence of marijuana at the time because thc metabolites can stay in the body for weeks.
  8. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    Agreed. In fact the term "traces" is almost certainly indicative of past use, as recent ingestion or intoxication would be sure to register more than trace amounts. Plus if they could say he was under the influence truthfully they would, because it furthers their agenda of blaming this incident on drug use. They are hoping one will assume it means he was high, but that is clearly not the case. Rumor has it he was involved in some sort of strange religious cult. Again, rumor has it. But interesting nonetheless.
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