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Consumption of ecstasy rises among Peru's young population

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    The consumption of ecstasy, well-known chemical drug, has increased in recent years in Peru and has surpassed that of cocaine, according to a study from Cedro, Peru’s center for drug abuse information and education. The study was done in 13 cities throughout the country and included more than 10,000 people between 12 and 64 years of age.

    According to the investigation, consumption levels of other drugs have remained steady. Ecstasy use has gone up significantly, no longer limited to rave parties but also used significantly in tropical music events.

    About 203,139 Peruvians—representing 1.53 percent of the total population—have consumed ecstasy pills at some point. Ecstasy is an amphetamine that produces hallucinations caused by stimuli like lights or loud music, explained Cedro specialist Alfonso Zavala.

    The drug can cause very serious and even lethal damage, as it generates abnormally rapid heartbeats, excessive sweating, dehydration, and increased blood pressure and body temperature. It can cause heart failure, leading to death.

    “If someone takes the pill and is also consuming alcohol, they’re going to have a very bad time, because both are diuretics and cause very severe dehydration. It’s a terrible combination,” Zavala told Andina.

    The biggest users of ecstasy, according to the study, are young people between 12 and 18 years old, who now pay between $8 and $15 per pill, as compared with $30 in previous years. The drug is brought in largely from China. It is easy to pass through customs since it can be confused with medical pills, Zavala said.

    The specialist added that marijuana is still the most used drug in Peru, with an average age of 17 at first consumption, though children as young as 12 can also be consumers.

    March 11, 2011



  1. BoxStar
    This report is typical sensationalist and ridicoulous bullshit. The fact that 1.53% of the total population has tried Ecstasy at some point [in their lives] is meaninless with regard to drug abuse as frequency of use and quantity used are far more important but it allows for some irrational propanganda.

    Peru (like Ecuador and Colombia), all which I know very well, have legions of street children huffing glue, over one million in fact, smoking basucos (unpurified coca paste) is extremely widespread among the poor, which make most of the population, due its extremely low cost per dose. The majority of Cocaine users in Peru (87%) smoked cocaine in the form of pasta, pitillo or basuco and more than half of the sample reported using cocaine at least 20 times a day. A survey in Peru shows that 37% of secondary school students use drugs, while 27% of the respondents used basic cocaine paste as their first drug and according to the source of this report 1.43% of the total population uses Cocaine regularly [in the past 90 days] and about 50% of users are addicted but this data has been disputed and real use could be four times more, in greater doses than in the western world and cocaine paste is far more toxic than powder cocaine, let alone MDMA, as it constains highly toxic solvents from the extraction process.

    The prices are wrong for example (but i cant write about it due forum rules) and the only thing it may be true is that 203,139 rich peruvians kids have tried Ecstasy as it’s the most expensive drug in South America and for every MDMA pill they have taken they have done grams of cocaine powder as they are the ones who can afford it and for each one of them there are many others killing themselvels with cocaine paste which has become an huge epidemic through South America and is a poison more than a drug and no one cares.
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